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About present, celebration flower

  • About present, you are not expected.
  • Thing except companies concerned has you decline about celebration flower. Thank you for your understanding.
  • As you locate letter box for the cast on the product sales booth side, please use that one.

About baggage

  • Please leave big baggage at lockers.
  • As there is problem in securing of conducting wire and event administration when baggage is put on floor, we may remove.

About penlight

  • Please stop act that view of neighboring customers disturbs with the multi-number to put up penlight on the head.
    I would like cooperation that this is reflected in camera at the time of shooting and prevents being crowded.
  • If it is brightness of formal penlight degree, it is available. We hope that we have judgment in individual.
    In addition, we think whether it is relief when you use formal penlight if there is uneasiness. Thank you we would like.

Other instructions

  • In any event, resale, transfer of "ticket" are prohibition entirely.
  • Please note that you do not do reissue by loss or theft of "ticket".
  • The presentation of "ticket" is necessary. When he/she forgets, you cannot enter.
  • We would like eating and drinking, smoking at appointed place.
  • There may be contents change and cancellation of event by convenience. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
  • Transportation expenses, the hotel charges to venue of customer burden.
    In addition, as for accident, the theft that occurred outside in venue, sponsor, venue, performer does not take responsibility at all. Please manage valuables by each person.
  • There is not preparation for locker room.
  • We take place that we put baggage and seat around venue and prohibit sit-in in obstruction of traffic, other customers coming to trouble.
    We wait for appearance and we enter and would appreciate your stopping wait around waiting.
    When we see it and misunderstood act, we may ask for the presentation of identification of calling and social position.
  • Objections from neighboring stores increase.
    In front of store stop, and would appreciate your stopping act to block up public road, change of clothes in neighboring store-like restrooms.
  • I decline photography with camera smartphones in the hall, taking picture of picture, recording of sound firmly. These acts are prohibited by law.
  • During presentation, we would appreciate your cutting power supply of appearing apparatus of sound including cell-phone, smartphone by all means.
  • Please stop jikomi (high brightness penlight, sketchbook, sounding thing of sound) of item disturbing direction.
  • Carry-on of item selling in formula is possible. I would like cooperation not to raise more than head height.
  • Stopping performance out of necessity when cannot look after the instructions mentioned above may have leave.
  • In addition, we may do measures such as stop of account, comings and goings prohibition to event when there is vicious act.
    I would like your cooperation.
  • Please note that camera for coverage, record, collecting may enter the hall.

We look forward to your coming out of the cast, all the staff feeling.

Hina bitters ♪ Wait for live 2018 SWEET SMILE PARADE; and Tokyo!

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