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"Lower House election official counting of votes special program "election CROSS" broadcast decision!
Interview direct moat moisture to the leader of each party and candidates! We focus on the official counting of votes situation of Tokyo and send. (2017/10/12)

About possibility of personal information outflow by unauthorized access for our homepage (about target program)
Program became clear as a result that there was unauthorized access for our homepage server which we announced on October 4, and personal information of various places of audience investigated the object program by matter that might flow out.
We apologize for causing all of you great nuisance and worry deeply. (2017/10/06)

About possibility of personal information outflow by unauthorized access for our homepage
For server which it used on our homepage, there was unjust attack from the outside, and it became clear that personal information of various places of audience who had you provide as a result of investigation through we homepage might flow out. We apologize for causing all of you whom information might flow out into great nuisance and worry deeply. (2017/10/04)

We renew and start on "TOKYO MX NEWS" today!
News program "TOKYO MX NEWS" of the evening renews, and they start on today.
Hayato Arima, Maya Tanaka, three casters of Kaori Yuki tell about news of TOKYO which is helpful for everybody.

We broadcast consecutively for "new music bedtime stories such as chambers" exhibition collecting six weeks and are decided!
Public collecting that made "SSK ALL STARS" guest
We broadcasted consecutively for six weeks and were decided!

We broadcast in - TOKYO MX1 at 19:30 on news special program "thought ... of message - base, uchinanchu from Okinawa" 9/30 Saturday
Okinawa that was wrapped to be fragrant of southern country emotion among the blue sea and coral reef and rich green and unique culture. We are known as remote popular sightseeing spot more than 1000km distantly from the mainland, but U.S. base remains at each site in prefecture after mainland return of Okinawa in May, 1972. We tell about heart of citizens of Okinawa that greatly shakes, "thought of uchinanchu" through field coverage whether you accept the continuation for a while whether you object to the continuation of base. (2017/09/26)

Goji ni muchu! "All gather week of MX"
Goji ni muchu! "All of MX gather, and performer of each program of MX acts as MC, assistant as week" during Thursday for ha from Monday, September 18 to 28th! Gangs are always different; please enjoy "single-mindedness at 5:00!"! (2017/09/14)

"Comics BAR Renta!" particularly extended SP broadcast & continuation broadcast decision!
We broadcast extended broadcast SP on Thursday, September 28 for "comics BAR Renta!" 30 minutes. Furthermore, regular broadcast from October was decided, too! Please see by all means sequentially. (2017/09/14)

"Rose color dandy" "shuffle week" enforcement!
"Rose color dandy" enforces "shuffle week" for one week of Friday for from Monday, September 18 to 22nd. Expectation to ask "chemical reaction" that combination of different commentators usually causes for! (2017/09/11)

"e sports MaX" event holding!
We hold "gaming Festival 3" in STAR RISE TOWER on Sunday, September 17, 2017! (2017/09/12)

"53 miniature shrine - Fukagawa Hachiman Festival ... to make festival 2017 town of Japan" broadcast!
We broadcast "53 miniature shrine - Fukagawa Hachiman Festival ... making festival 2017 town of Japan" in TOKYO MX1 from 17:00 on Sunday, September 17! (2017/08/31)

"Hatsune Miku "MAGICALMIRAI 2017" live & plan exhibition" broadcast!
We broadcast design of live & plan exhibition of Hatsune Miku "MAGICALMIRAI 2017" in TOKYO MX1 from 18:30 on Saturday, September 2! (2017/08/30)

About program "news girl" next progress
We published nitsuiteo in program "news girl" next progress. (2017/05/16)

About program "news girl"
There was article that we broadcast about U.S. base opposition movement of Okinawa by the part news on Monday, March 13 about program "news girl" during - broadcast at 22:00, but there is not such a plan on Monday. It is place discussing in BPO broadcasting ethics inspection Committee now, and, about broadcast of Okinawa base problem of "news girl", we cope with the deliberation in all sincerity. In addition, we can go ahead in direction broadcasting program which we reported on again originally. (2017/03/07)

Grad hiring entry acceptance start!
We started entry acceptance of "grad hiring 2018". Please confirm the details including application method in adoption HP. (2017/03/01)

Council for broadcast opinion book about program "news girl"
We published opinion book of council for our broadcast about program "news girl". (2017/02/28)

About program "news girl"
We published our opinion about program "news girl". (2017/02/27)

TOKYO MX mall opening!
Which "say, and show" "is more an eye-opener! As well as product which we introduced in plus, we will have gem and animation goods only in Tokyo in future. Don't miss it!

We established 2018 grad hiring HP
As you prepare many contents, look at job hunting raw all of you by all means. We are going to publish interviews of senior employee later. In addition, entry acceptance start is from March 1. (2016/12/20)

Today release! "Audience rating zero! Radical, free challenge of across-the-board program "5:00 single-mindedness!" of ... small and weak TV station (Shinchosha)
Goji ni muchu! Written by producer Takashi Okawa first publication book! 11 years without taboo that Takashi Okawa P talks about. Secret of the Great Leap Forward from minus. There is no money, and there is no connection, and there is no common sense! However, next-generation star is born in sequence; and 11 years. Because nobody sees, we can make freely. Because there is neither money nor know-how, wisdom appears. Hint to make rapid progress from minus in program which can excite NetNews by plan to make a clear distinction from key station every day is full loading. "No, because we are exhaustively" and are ..., it is interesting. Even if there is not talent, is number removed? Thank you in advance! (2016/10/31)


TOKYO MX (9ch)

TOKYO MX (9ch)


Look at animation, 2330 associated program ② 2300 "monthly publication Bushiroad TV with Toyama sisters" "Just Because!" tonight # 32400 "12 Great War" # 3(☌ω☌) <right or wrong!
2200 animation, program ① 1900 "Go! Princess PRECURE" concerned # 431930 "Cooking Papa" tonight # 1152154 "chobitto @" "URAHARA" # 32230 "country of jewel" look at # 2(☌ω☌) <right or wrong (again)!
RT @gojimu: Goji ni muchu! Does straight vote of Thursday, October 19 have the lyrics that affected the life of ... you? We wait for Iwai, message to Nakase!     #gojimu
RT @gojimu: Goji ni muchu! Thursday, October 19 Shimako Iwai & Yukari Nakase! Topic becomes heated in the chase last eights! We chase and collect data on host bookstore of Kabukicho! It is variety show "true intention Malle soup stock" to relieve stress of woman to be frank! We feel fine if we see! The tomorrow's topic is batchishi, too! #gojimu
Look at animation, 2505 program ③ 2500 "comics BAR Renta!" concerned "my hypergirushobitchina matter serious her" # 22535 "STEINS;GATE" tonight # 2(☌ω☌) <right or wrong!
It "wants to be healed I tachidattemo - tto of Takuya Eguchi!" animation tonight associated program ② 2300 Look at 2330 "Yokai Ningen Bem" # 32400 "konohana *tan" # 32430 "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" # 17 (again) (☌ω☌) <right or wrong!
Animation, program ① 1900 "detective opera milky holmes TD" concerned # 1 (again) 2200 "witch PRECURE!" tonight # 22225 "knit, and do not come! Look at "# 32230 "TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION" # 3(☌ω☌) <right or wrong!
"We emigrated to Hokkaido LIVE - Kamishihoro-cho. "Shizuka Saito" Acty Processed Aconite Root near "sweets leader of the valets" emigrates to heroine "child care generation of" 3:00, and it is experienced by ... youth generation. The second participates in BBQ of the Takagis sponsorship that heroine (Maki Fukuda, yumetchi) of 3:00 is taken care of…
RT @gojimu: Goji ni muchu! Jun Miho & Hiroyuki Ehara sends on Wednesday, October 18! Radical! Shock! Great hard innocence! no one hour! In the first half chase last eight "hold sugar opportunity when barley tea was created follow-up survey!" "Straight vote" asks audience a straight question on theme right out every time! Can you see the true intention of Tokyo? #gojimu
[Tokyo JOBS] In the bank of river leisurely…. "River lights up" riverside terrace which Tokyo began in cooperation with private enterprise to raise charm of waterside! The result? Without 9:55 start passing over to stop by today! #Tokyo # Tokyo JOBS # river # kawaterasu…


  • Sunday, October 22 is election day of member of the House of Representatives election, national review of the Supreme Court justices. (2017/10/10 00:00)
  • Person who cannot vote in work or trip on election day can do early vote until October 21. (2017/10/10 00:00)
  • Inquiry to the Tokyo Electoral Management Committee or words and cities municipalities board of elections to live (2017/10/10 00:00)
  • Nissan Motor, all domestic car shipment stops. The inspection continuation unqualified after publication in 4 domestic factories in total. Additional recall examination. (2017/10/19 22:15)
  • "Disease renal transplantation," we are consented as advanced medical care with some conditions. MHLW sectional meeting. Insurance applies to part of expense including hospitalization and medication. (2017/10/19 21:31)
  • Consecutive rises that it is Tokyo Stock Exchange, 29 years since then. We continue to rise by weak yen, the U.S. high stock prices for 13 business days. High price that it is 21 years since then for closing price 21,448 yen. (2017/10/19 16:19)
  • To Friday top 3 resignation in business and industry. We assume the responsibility by financing, injustice of statistics. Management renovation is unavoidable, and successor, president is chosen by private axis. (2017/10/19 22:16)
  • We approach Okinawa with large size on strong typhoon 21, the afternoon of 22nd of Lower House election voting and counting the ballots. Stimulate stationary front; as for the fear of heavy rain. (2017/10/19 19:46)
  • Two place no Seki boss of former ozeki Wakashimazu is in serious condition in a coma. Passerby finds that we fall down on street of Chiba, Funabashi. (2017/10/19 21:10)
  • Facing Mt. Shinmoe of Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectural border is volcanic activity continuation. As for "the large-scale eruption." It is opinion at foresight ream, temporary meeting. (2017/10/19 19:54)
hiru kyun! [FRIDAY]
M Cass
Animated cartoon portal
Rose color dandy
Goji ni muchu! [FRIDAY]
Tokyo JOBS


MX festival Vol.1 ARSMAGNA SPECIAL Christmas LIVE - Several Winter Story ...

MX festival Vol.1 ARSMAGNA SPECIAL Christmas LIVE - Several Winter Story ...

Date: November 23 Thursday (holiday) Meeting place: Pacifico Yokohama Kunitachi coliseum opening 17:00/ start 18:00 rate (tax-included): S seat 7,000 yen/A seat 5,000 yen inquiry: KM music 045-201-9999 (weekdays from 11:00 to 18:00…

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U-FES. 2017

U-FES. 2017

Being able to meet gathering place <U-FES> YouTuber of fan and YouTuber all at once only in U-FES! The details of event to "U-FES. 2017" official site! Sponsorship: UUUM / TOKYO MX

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We challenge Lake TAKARAZUKA CAFE BREAK presents "rakugo X Takarazuka" ... University seshiruga rakugo! ...

We challenge Lake TAKARAZUKA CAFE BREAK presents "rakugo X Takarazuka" ... University seshiruga rakugo! ...

Tachikawa next taking its ease shows popular Takarazuka rakugo and challenges large lake seshiruha's first rakugo of former takarajiennu. In addition, Tachikawa next and great lake seshiruno Takarazuka talk to take their ease during cafe break casts are unmissable! ◆Holding…

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