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"It is older brother orchid new program! ... weekend animation ranking ... broadcast start
1/11 Friday 21:54 start! "It is older brother orchid new program to introduce animation ranking to! Please see animation ranking ... ... by all means on the weekend! (2019/01/11)

New drama program "shibakoen" broadcast start!
We start on Monday, January 14! We broadcast in TOKYO MX1 from 15:30 "shibakoen" every Monday. Check it out! (2019/01/11)

2020 grad hiring HP
We established HP for recruitment of grad hiring employees in 2020. (2018/12/06)

Cross-border EC business briefing session is held to company expecting market expansion to China
We hold briefing session about cross-border EC business to China on Monday, November 19. We tell about method or necessary preparations to start EC sale. (2018/11/09)

New program "economics to polish man"
We start at 11/1( Thursday) 19:58.
It is program that "master of economy" explains basic knowledge of economy not to listen to to person now clearly. Don't miss it! (2018/11/01)

Please be careful about suspicious man-in-the-street interviews to give their TOKYO MX
Plural inquiry that is called out when want to show the contents of wallet at part of program plan, and cash was just carried away recently by person giving program staff of TOKYO MX in downtown from of audience; is put.
As such a vicious act does not have relations at all with TOKYO MX, we would appreciate your being careful enough. (2018/10/16)

New international information variety program "where will be tomorrow? DX broadcast start!
We start at 10/7( Sunday) 13:00.
We are particular about foreigner living in Tokyo thoroughly and rediscover charm of Tokyo from viewpoint of foreigner. Don't miss it! (2018/09/26)

New art program "Japanese art museum where the French beat fast" with broadcast start!
We start at 10/7( Sunday) 12:00.
Much-talked-about book which French art historiographer wrote program. We introduce art museum where we want to go to on the weekend which the French who were in love recommend to Japan. Don't miss it! (2018/09/21)

New music channel "music more" broadcast start!
"We surely listen to music music more new music channel of Chris Matsumura MC tonight." But, we start at 19:00 on 7/7 Saturday. Regardless of traditional Japanese music Western music, the generation, it is program which can come across wonderful music that I think, "it is good". Don't miss it! (2018/07/30)

"TOKYO MX NEWS" is delivery start "d menu" in "goo news"
"TOKYO MX NEWS" contents are delivered in the news site of portal site "d menu" for smartphones and "goo" from Tuesday, May 15.
We send the latest news in Tokyo which broadcasted in TOKYO MX. Please check! (2018/05/15)

TOKYO MX mall-limited! Under Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks collaboration product sale
We are selling tote bag of original color that Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks and Ibara, Okayama denim performed collaboration of only in TOKYO MX mall! Please check. (2018/02/26)

"Sword boisterous dance okkiikonnosukeno sword walk two" Blu-ray & DVD reservation start!
Blu-ray & DVD of "sword boisterous dance okkiikonnosukeno sword walk two" broadcasting is reservation start now from today! Blu-ray & DVD which becomes contents which are right "puremiamu" without passing over!
Furthermore, lottery sells "gorgeousness Blu-ray" having knife of swordsmith, Ishida country Kotobuki production as privilege. It is great attention! (2017/12/01)

New media site "TOKYO MX+" from TOKYO MX
Information that program of TOKYO MX introduced and media site "TOKYO MX+" to tell about news, selected information including event information as article.
"TOKYO MX" channel is established in SmartNews from December 1 tomorrow. Article that is pleasant in "TOKYO MX+" by all means! (2017/11/30)


  • Defendant Ghosn injustice reward 1 billion yen, Mitsubishi Motors investigation. From Netherlands Nissan, Mitsubishi co-funding company. Claim for payment examination. (2019/01/18 21:23)
  • Japan Airlines is "inspection Committee in the company" setting. We are based on drinking disgraceful affair that occurred successively. Organization climate about security to improvement. (2019/01/18 19:24)
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs talk Japan-Korea on 23rd. It is planning to promote agreement violation correction by Kono, the issue of commandeering mechanic. Talk directly; for the first time after judgment. (2019/01/18 19:07)
  • The U.S. capital to denuclearized discussion with Friday Hideaki of visit, U.S. high government official. North Korean Kim Jong-un aide. Trump and talk. (2019/01/18 15:58)
  • Record-high in percentage of graduates who found work of university student, 97 nenharusotsuiko. It is 87.9% as of December 1, last year. Rises consecutive for eight years. (2019/01/18 15:22)
  • Grand Sumo Tournament first sumo tournament in Tokyo, Hakuho of one yokozuna win 6 straight victories. heimakuabusaki wins all games, too. Five people chase by one defeat. The sekiwake your Kagekatsu second defeat. (2019/01/18 19:01)
  • To discussion Japan-Korea by the issue of Sea of Japan name. The government, request acceptance of international organization. As for "Tokai" writing together claim in Korea, the conflict intensification. (2019/01/18 21:56)
  • Rice produced in 19, 34 prefectures decrease production and plan. Prospect to be less than demand for reduction of the acreage under cultivation abolition two years. With price hovering high as for the burden increase. (2019/01/18 19:51)
  • Fur way CEO interviews. Reporting refusal and emphasis that are inappropriate by demand of the Chinese government. Espionage participation negation. (2019/01/18 19:53)
  • Suspect former talent Kenji Haga and former wife arrest that we are serving the sentence for by fraud. The Okinawa Prefectural Police. Asset concealment doubt to assign to victim compensation. (2019/01/18 17:02)
Of Atsushi Tamura as much as want to ask!
Be in love in the Edo era
Music more
Tokyo kurasso! NEO
Festival [interesting choice] of Japan
Animated cartoon portal


Tokyo Tower Winter fantasy - orange illuminations ...

Tokyo Tower Winter fantasy - orange illuminations ...

We are holding until Thursday, February 28, 2019

Open space in front of the first-floor front entrance

■Lighting time:
From 12:00 to 23:00

Of the whole period every day for 00 minutes an hour and 30 minutes of from 16:00 to 22:00
We carry out "Roch zero garden writing show". (last inning 22:00 ...)
To musical piece to let you image winter, it is writing show of approximately ten minutes per once that vivid light weaves.

Cafe break presents musical "two A country" theatergoing & talk salon

Cafe break presents musical "two A country" theatergoing & talk salon

■Event name
"Cafe break presents musical "two A country" theatergoing & talk salon"

Thursday, April 4, 2019

・Theatergoing, S seat (Meijiza)
From 13:00 to 16:00 (plan)
・Talk salon (between Meijiza 4F "wisteria")
From 16:30 to 17:30 (plan)
(there is coffee or tea + cake in talk salon)

▽Talk salon
Between Meijiza 4F "wisteria"
Address: 2-31-1, Nihonbashihamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

■Participation fee
15,000 yen (tax-included)
Theatergoing, S seat + talk salon ticket
(there is coffee or tea + cake in talk salon)

e sports MaX Gaming Festival 6

e sports MaX Gaming Festival 6<br />

■Holding summary
Event name: e sports MaX Gaming Festival 6
The holding date and time: Sunday, February 10 from 10:00 to 22:00 (plan)
"e sports MaX" performing game meet of plural titles program public collecting!

Holding game title ※We may be changed.
○puyopuyo (PS4)
○Tekken 7 (PS4)
○FIFA19 (PS4)
○Powerful professional baseball (PS4)
○Dead Or Alive 6 (PS4)

[participation method]
Free of charge

MLB cafe TOKYO Tokyo Dome City shop
1-3-61, Kouraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Dome City crystal Avenue

・From JR, Tokyo Metro "Suidobashi Station" a 6-minute walk
・From Metropolitan expressway Ikebukuro Line "Iidabashi" approximately five minutes

Musical "two A country"

Musical "two A country"

■Event name
Musical "two A country"

The musical start to shake soul in spring of the Heisei last
Bloom; and san runaraizaya, kabukan !!

From Friday, March 29, 2019 to Monday, April 15



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