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The year-end and New Year holidays special program information fourth (movie broadcast information)
The year-end and New Year movie broadcast information!
We send lineup that is full of variety including masterpiece which won popular series and Manager Takeshi Kitano work of foreign film, former Academy Award!

Special program information
"Really necessary preparations ~ to learn from preparation - victim to forthcoming major earthquake sometime"
We broadcast in - TOKYO MX1 at 19:30 on 12/15 Saturday. Please see. (2018/12/13)

The year-end and New Year special program information!
Special program including special program and movie of popular program is array. As for the program which you can see in M Cass from the whole country. Check from special HP, and without passing over! (2018/12/10)

2020 grad hiring HP
We established HP for recruitment of grad hiring employees in 2020. (2018/12/06)

The second "year-end and New Year special program" music (1)
There is much height of music channel for the year-end and New Year holidays of TOKYOMX! Toshihide Baba & ISEKI live, biwa performance, music more…(2018/12/03)

The "year-end and New Year special program" first
2018-2019 year-end and New Year special program first announcement! Hatsune Miku, creator, F.C. We look back, and there are full of attention programs including special program in TOKYO, the Heisei history! (2018/11/26)

Cross-border EC business briefing session is held to company expecting market expansion to China
We hold briefing session about cross-border EC business to China on Monday, November 19. We tell about method or necessary preparations to start EC sale. (2018/11/09)

New program "economics to polish man"
We start at 11/1( Thursday) 19:58.
It is program that "master of economy" explains basic knowledge of economy not to listen to to person now clearly. Don't miss it! (2018/11/01)

Please be careful about suspicious man-in-the-street interviews to give their TOKYO MX
Plural inquiry that is called out when want to show the contents of wallet at part of program plan, and cash was just carried away recently by person giving program staff of TOKYO MX in downtown from of audience; is put.
As such a vicious act does not have relations at all with TOKYO MX, we would appreciate your being careful enough. (2018/10/16)

New international information variety program "where will be tomorrow? DX broadcast start!
We start at 10/7( Sunday) 13:00.
We are particular about foreigner living in Tokyo thoroughly and rediscover charm of Tokyo from viewpoint of foreigner. Don't miss it! (2018/09/26)

New art program "Japanese art museum where the French beat fast" with broadcast start!
We start at 10/7( Sunday) 12:00.
Much-talked-about book which French art historiographer wrote program. We introduce art museum where we want to go to on the weekend which the French who were in love recommend to Japan. Don't miss it! (2018/09/21)

New music channel "music more" broadcast start!
"We surely listen to music music more new music channel of Chris Matsumura MC tonight." But, we start at 19:00 on 7/7 Saturday. Regardless of traditional Japanese music Western music, the generation, it is program which can come across wonderful music that I think, "it is good". Don't miss it! (2018/07/30)

New program "VIRTUAL BUZZ TALK!"
Terrestrial broadcasting is naive! Talk variety program "VIRTUAL BUZZ TALK!" of VTuber But, it is broadcasted for from 25:00 to 25:05 every Friday by 7/6. Don't miss it! (2018/07/05)

"TOKYO MX NEWS" is delivery start "d menu" in "goo news"
"TOKYO MX NEWS" contents are delivered in the news site of portal site "d menu" for smartphones and "goo" from Tuesday, May 15.
We send the latest news in Tokyo which broadcasted in TOKYO MX. Please check! (2018/05/15)

TOKYO MX mall-limited! Under Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks collaboration product sale
We are selling tote bag of original color that Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks and Ibara, Okayama denim performed collaboration of only in TOKYO MX mall! Please check. (2018/02/26)

"Sword boisterous dance okkiikonnosukeno sword walk two" Blu-ray & DVD reservation start!
Blu-ray & DVD of "sword boisterous dance okkiikonnosukeno sword walk two" broadcasting is reservation start now from today! Blu-ray & DVD which becomes contents which are right "puremiamu" without passing over!
Furthermore, lottery sells "gorgeousness Blu-ray" having knife of swordsmith, Ishida country Kotobuki production as privilege. It is great attention! (2017/12/01)

New media site "TOKYO MX+" from TOKYO MX
Information that program of TOKYO MX introduced and media site "TOKYO MX+" to tell about news, selected information including event information as article.
"TOKYO MX" channel is established in SmartNews from December 1 tomorrow. Article that is pleasant in "TOKYO MX+" by all means! (2017/11/30)


  • We reduce income few single one parent, residence tax. LDP and New Komeito agreement, medical treatment are new, too. To ruling party taxation system general rules decision of the next fiscal year. (2018/12/13 20:20)
  • We approve LDP and New Komeito WT, new defense general rules. Is not; is confirmation in becoming aircraft carrier. Repair is within the strictly defensive only national security policy. Escort ship and positioning. (2018/12/13 15:33)
  • In British Prime Minister May, EU Summit Meeting of continuing pitching to attendance. We call for secession plan correction. The EU side, renegotiation refusal. We cannot see prescription. (2018/12/13 16:00)
  • We carry out on earth and sand injection of Henoko, 14th on schedule. The Minister of Defense transmits at talk with Governor of Okinawa. We do not accept cancellation request. (2018/12/13 19:41)
  • To figure skating Yuzuru Hanyu, all-Japan championship absence. Because of right ankle injury. Is entering world representative certain by results consideration? (2018/12/13 17:47)
  • It is high-speed railway accident in capital Ankara of Turkey. Nine death, 47 people get injured. It is derailed collision by vehicle for track check. (2018/12/13 19:17)
  • In JAPAN POST, U.S. afurakku of insurance major to investment. 300 billion yen, future grouping. Securing of new profit source is purpose. (2018/12/13 19:20)
  • Go Oza match, Yuta Iyama throne defend. We defeat eight steps of one power Liao. Iyama is most Thailand in seven biggest title acquisition 42 sittings in total. (2018/12/13 18:24)
  • Allocation of cars, forwarding experiment start unmanned in Toyota-shi, Aichi and TOYOTA MOTOR, small EV. We aim at car sharing utilization. (2018/12/13 17:59)
  • The latest "child of weather of Manager Makoto Shinkai," it is released on July 19, next year. Previous work 'Your Name.' This is very popular, for social phenomenon. (2018/12/13 17:22)
TOKYO MX year-end and New Year special program
hiru kyun!
Goji ni muchu!
Rose color dandy
Animated cartoon portal


Sea and Japanese private supplementary school in TOKYO which sells

Sea and Japanese private supplementary school in TOKYO which sells

■Event summary
[place] Hattori nourishment technical school
[the date and time] Sunday, December 16, 2018 from 10:00 to 13:00 (reception desk 9:30 ...)
[capacity] 20 people
※Target age should be 10 years old or more to treat kitchen knife.
[entrance fee] Free of charge
※Please bear transportation expenses to venue respectively.
[the deadline] Until Sunday, December 2, 2018 24:00
※After the application deadline, I will inform person who draws lots, and was elected the details by email from the secretariat by Monday, December 10, 2018. Please note that notification is not located within one rejected by.
We look forward to application!

Cafe break Live Takarazuka theatergoing & talk salon

Cafe break Live Takarazuka theatergoing & talk salon

We hold "cafe break Live" as spin-off event of TAKARAZUKA CAFE BREAK broadcasting in TOKYO MX for from 11:00 to 11:30 every Friday.
After having had you appreciate the following performance in Tokyo Takarazuka Theater, we perform talk salon that we invite toward Takarazuka all-women's opera OG in Nippon Press Center 10F hall of the other venue.

Musical "two A country"

Musical "two A country"

■Event name
Musical "two A country"

The musical start to shake soul in spring of the Heisei last
Bloom; and san runaraizaya, kabukan !!

From Friday, March 29, 2019 to Monday, April 15



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EDP presents young bird bitters ♪ Live 2018 - Sweet Smile Pajamas Party

EDP presents young bird bitters ♪ Live 2018 - Sweet Smile Pajamas Party

Sunday, December 30
Noon: OPEN 14:00/START 15:00
At night: OPEN 18:00/START 19:00

Team smile, Toyosu PIT

Standing 7,020 yen (tax-included)

Yamagata mari flower (cv Rina Hidaka), 1, Izumi dance (cv Tsuda Minami), Sakiko Kasuga (cv Itoshi Yamaguchi)


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