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Please be careful about suspicious man-in-the-street interviews to give their TOKYO MX
Plural inquiry that is called out when want to show the contents of wallet at part of program plan, and cash was just carried away recently by person giving program staff of TOKYO MX in downtown from of audience; is put.
As such a vicious act does not have relations at all with TOKYO MX, we would appreciate your being careful enough. (2018/10/16)

New international information variety program "where will be tomorrow? DX broadcast start!
We start at 10/7( Sunday) 13:00.
We are particular about foreigner living in Tokyo thoroughly and rediscover charm of Tokyo from viewpoint of foreigner. Don't miss it! (2018/09/26)

New art program "Japanese art museum where the French beat fast" with broadcast start!
We start at 10/7( Sunday) 12:00.
Much-talked-about book which French art historiographer wrote program. We introduce art museum where we want to go to on the weekend which the French who were in love recommend to Japan. Don't miss it! (2018/09/21)

New music channel "music more" broadcast start!
"We surely listen to music music more new music channel of Chris Matsumura MC tonight." But, we start at 19:00 on 7/7 Saturday. Regardless of traditional Japanese music Western music, the generation, it is program which can come across wonderful music that I think, "it is good". Don't miss it! (2018/07/30)

New program "VIRTUAL BUZZ TALK!"
Terrestrial broadcasting is naive! Talk variety program "VIRTUAL BUZZ TALK!" of VTuber But, it is broadcasted for from 25:00 to 25:05 every Friday by 7/6. Don't miss it! (2018/07/05)

"TOKYO MX NEWS" is delivery start "d menu" in "goo news"
"TOKYO MX NEWS" contents are delivered in the news site of portal site "d menu" for smartphones and "goo" from Tuesday, May 15.
We send the latest news in Tokyo which broadcasted in TOKYO MX. Please check! (2018/05/15)

TOKYO MX mall-limited! Under Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks collaboration product sale
We are selling tote bag of original color that Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks and Ibara, Okayama denim performed collaboration of only in TOKYO MX mall! Please check. (2018/02/26)

"Sword boisterous dance okkiikonnosukeno sword walk two" Blu-ray & DVD reservation start!
Blu-ray & DVD of "sword boisterous dance okkiikonnosukeno sword walk two" broadcasting is reservation start now from today! Blu-ray & DVD which becomes contents which are right "puremiamu" without passing over!
Furthermore, lottery sells "gorgeousness Blu-ray" having knife of swordsmith, Ishida country Kotobuki production as privilege. It is great attention! (2017/12/01)

New media site "TOKYO MX+" from TOKYO MX
Information that program of TOKYO MX introduced and media site "TOKYO MX+" to tell about news, selected information including event information as article.
"TOKYO MX" channel is established in SmartNews from December 1 tomorrow. Article that is pleasant in "TOKYO MX+" by all means! (2017/11/30)


  • Person with a disability employment dilution problem, Prime Minister Abe of central government offices order prevention of recurrence. In cabinet meeting. Securing of employment plan is decided, too. (2018/10/23 10:49)
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is interim report of medical department entrance examination. 4 "inappropriateness" including long-term unemployed person and woman disadvantage example clear statement. We do not show large scientific name. (2018/10/23 11:53)
  • It is had a meeting very much to U.S. President, Republican Party inner citadel Texas desperate defense. Interim election. Old enemy Cruise support that fought for party candidate nomination. (2018/10/23 11:07)
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange large reactionary fall, more than temporary 500 yen. Closing price is 494 weak yen, 22,120 yen in the morning. We are cautious for slowdown of economy in China. (2018/10/23 11:56)
  • World wrestling, Yuki Takahashi of male free-style 57 kilos grade are copper. We win bronze medal match with Cuban player. (2018/10/23 01:35)
  • You live with person from Saudi Arabia reporter death case, "substitute", and do you disguise yourself? Man on the Saudi Arabia side wears the same clothes just after case; and as for taikan, the sightseeing. (2018/10/23 07:39)
  • Effect is expected in TPP, the middle of January of participation including Japan in 11 countries. It is completed by procedure, the middle of November of each country. (2018/10/23 09:40)
  • To the government, the ODA end to China. 40 years enforcement, 3,600 billion yen grant. We communicate at the time of prime minister visit. Development cooperation suggestion of third nation. (2018/10/23 10:44)
  • The Japan's biggest burial mound with a square front and a round back, excavation of Daisen old burial mound considered to be Nintoku Burial Mound begin. By combination of Imperial Household Agency and Sakai-shi. (2018/10/23 09:31)
  • To the love sword purchase of Kenshin Uesugi Setouchi-shi, Okayama to hometown tax start. National treasure, aim 1,160 million yen including purchase costs. (2018/10/23 11:46)
hiru kyun!
Goji ni muchu! [TUESDAY]
Rose color dandy
Animated cartoon portal


From earthquake insurance spread & decrease evil enlightenment plan "preparation of the family budget as for the life revival"

From earthquake insurance spread & decrease evil enlightenment plan "preparation of the family budget as for the life revival"

As for "the life revival, event is held from the preparation of the family budget" Saturday, November 17, 2018, earthquake insurance spread & decrease evil enlightenment plan. The first is "to protect human life", but, in disaster prevention, genwazawai, is not known about annoyance (life rebuilding expense) of money of victim very much. This symposium including earthquake insurance when have "economical, possess", and review o, and disaster gets up, protect life of oneself and family, and is intended that is a chance to cooperate with local various places, and to live.

denchi Festa
Let's experience battery more! [participation for free]

Let's experience denchi Festa <br /> battery more! [participation for free] <br />

Saturday, November 3, 2018, denchi Festa holding!
[participation for free] Let's experience battery more!

marasy piano live tour 2018

marasy piano live tour 2018

Friday, November 16, 2018, 17th Saturday, marasy piano live tour 2018 performance decision!

Akinori Nakagawa concert 2018 "I Sing - Wonderful Wonder ~"

Akinori Nakagawa concert 2018 "I Sing - Wonderful Wonder ~"

Friday, November 16, 2018, Akinori Nakagawa concert 2018 "I Sing - Wonderful Wonder ..." performance decision!

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