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Opening music
Phantom thief miracle boy boy 2
Al is empty
ArtistAl is empty

Al Kalla is in charge of new opening theme of 3 in substitution for Arukarider patrolling in total F Japanese hemlocks nebula now in season.
Besides, "phantom thief miracle boy boy 2" becoming sequel of Arukarider product "phantom thief miracle boy boy" is appearance!

Al is empty

Al Official Web Site of the sky
Ending music
Welcome to night to shine!
Welcome to night to shine!
ArtistFuki Commune
LabelVictor Entertainment
Sale dateWe deliver and start on April 25, 2016
We deliver in iTunes Store, master of rekochoku others music delivery site required!

Fuki Commune featuring high tone voice is in charge of new ending theme of 3 in season.
In fantasic pop tune full of a feeling of scamper, we run through the world with joker!

Fuki Commune

Opening music
Sale dateNovember 5, 2014
LabelVictor Entertainment/SPEEDSTAR RECORDS
Price1,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Master of eccentric conduct hero (!) of "rock world Collaboration of first single and MYSTERIOUS JOKER by unidentified artist "Arukarider" which gives its "!
Animation is sure that become hotter, thing in hot lock music, too!


What is Arukarider?

"Master of eccentric conduct hero who came over from approximately six (lock) ten thousand light-years remote "Al cal. loss nebula" from the earth of the rock world." Lydon did and came over to each favorite car to the earth in order to pretend to be earthian, and to teach atrocious music conjuring tricks group of people "Al Kalla" which continued shooting heart dead a lesson by conjuring tricks calling himself "master of eccentric conduct of the rock world". They are heroes of justice to keep peace of space!

Crush bicycle (blue) / hikita (yellow) / black in inamuraida (red) / tabaraidon (green) / bottom; cat (pink)

For more details, in official site.

Arukarider Official Web Site
o revolving Waal diary
Ending music
Parade illusion
Artistmainya with shuffle sisters
Sale dateOctober 29, 2014
Price1,111 yen (tax-excluded)

From October MYSTERIOUS JOKER is finally animation Start broadcast in TOKYO MX & kids station! Small peach sound mai to dominate as "professional solo idol" in the group idol height of prosperity in the ending music…It is belonging to "mainya" of nickname and sings at no, this time. 3 sisters idols (as for the actual situation who appears to 11 MYSTERIOUS JOKER books in chorus…Read 11 volumes!) , shuffle sisters! Shuffle sisters chose three junior high student teams from popular idol group of Nagoya "DIANNA ☆ SWEET" this time and had you play the part.
CD Jacquet draws; illustration!
mainyano carrier history when coupling music (in the name of small peach sound mai as for this) colors memory of the fifth anniversary of the activity, super hyper electric wave dance tune of earliest Bpm=180. Upsurge inevitable deuryaoi OK!

mainya with shuffle sisters

In 2009, girl whom idol loves leaves Kobe for Tokyo alone; as "small peach sound wind up" (will not sleep) popular name "mainya" is start by live activity. We reach number of 300 a year, and live with unique movement called migration of nations system becomes famous in an instant in live neighborhood. Being sold out appeared one after another in spite of being release from indie label, and work came to be ranked Oricon chart at first.
On May 10, 2013, she always established without permission; of "kotone on May 10 Sunday" is authorization formally what by association on Japanese memorial day. We announce that measure makes its debut by event carried out from Victor VERSIONMUSIC on the same day. Debut major in August 14, the same year "BANG BANG drums and fifes samba." In the group idol height of prosperity, we record the Oricon daily chart top eighth place, the weekly chart top 20th place. We release second single "Dancin' ☆ high school" on February 26 in the next year.
We continue active Live activity, and "best Live" "Live to remember" includes the name from many audiences by large-scale idol event that we participated in now.

Arukarider Official Web Site
Hachi ni! Groupie diary of mainya manager