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August 27, 2017 broadcast
Episode 1418
We want to delight grandparents closing owner of a bathhouse! Look for raw materials artubus of / "ojochu"! We want to smell sweat of / tatamiman!
Interval detective "wants to delight grandparents closing owner of a bathhouse!"
Hashimoto detective "look for raw materials artubus!" of "ojochu"
Ishida detective "wants to smell sweat of tatamiman!"

[chief of the bureau] Toshiyuki Nishida
[secretary] Eri Matsuo Kei
[detective] Kanpei Hazama Yasushi Ishida Takashi Takeyama example Kenji Tamura demmura*shineidenken*bujokyohonchoku
[advisor] Kida Taro
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