Privacy policy

Look good while information and communication technology progresses highly, To carry out social responsibility of broadcast while Tokyo metropolitan television recognizing enough importance of personal information protection taking into consideration what must be performed more carefully, and, handling measuring observance thorough laws and ordinances to modify protection of personal information not to make any personal right profit being violated, and respecting-centered intention of personal information with expansion of the use of personal information and increase of usefulness, by the following principle, We try for the appropriate handling of personal information to affect business with own rules and make sure of protection of personal information. In addition, we light up privacy policy of the field of news, writings becoming excluded of duty rule in social mission of broadcast and the spirit of law in the Personal Information Protection Law and act for appropriate protection.


1. Personal information clarifies the use purpose and acquires only necessary range by appropriate method.
2. Personal information holds the correct and latest contents within the use purpose and uses.
3. We do not offer personal information to third party without with consent of the information main constituent. Note 1
4. Personal information builds the perfect protection system with established person in charge and manages safely.
5. We state preservation period that we set in the shortest clearly, and personal information removes with the end surely during preservation period.
6. We perform appropriate supervision of employee, trust to deal with personal information and the necessary training, enlightenment.
7. It determines procedure about request, complaint from the information main constituent of personal information and copes faithfully.
8. Leak, loss of personal information comes and takes appropriate measures on loss immediately.

Note 1
・On website of Tokyo metropolitan television (the following, "MX" and notation.), we may use structure called cookie (Cookie). It is information that it is transmitted to browser of user by server, and is saved to distinguish user of site from cookie. By setting of browser, we can invalidate function of cookie, but, as a result, all or a part of the service on website of MX may not be available. In addition, information that can distinguish authorized individual is not included in cookie to use on website of MX. In addition, advertisement delivered by third party may be placed on website of MX and acquires cookie of customer and may use. Cookie information that third party acquired is dealt with in conformity with privacy policy of third party.

・We may change "privacy policy of Tokyo metropolitan television".

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