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It closed down.

In TOKYO MX, see you again!

About program withdrawal of Takashi Uesugi from "weekly literacy"

 We report program withdrawal of Takashi Uesugi that was performer of program "weekly publication literacy" broadcasting in us (Saturday from 17:00 to 17:55) to audiences.

 We had Uesugi serve main MC of this program for approximately two years, but did judgment to have Uesugi leave us from this program because there was report of running for Tokyo governor election than Uesugi recently. As broadcasting station where political equitableness was demanded from legally, we judged that we continued appointing Uesugi run for as public office as main MC of this program with difficulty in light of broadcast standards and reached judgment called withdrawal out of necessity.
 We tell Uesugi about so and have Uesugi understand about withdrawal.

 About this program, posture that we thoroughly explain attention news in the world such as politics, economy, case, entertainment to from various angles will continue broadcast in future without changing.
 We hope that we have support without changing to audiences.

■Hanzomon public opinion poll

We accepted and were finished.

■We are going to broadcast

September 24, 2016
▽Atsushi Tamura keeps hearing the much-talked-about "backside of news" for enforcement! Is Nana Suzuki assent, too? We thoroughly comment in original glance of this! ▽It is one year from guest Naoki Hyakuta, Dave Spector ▽ Tsukiji move postponement problem ▽ security treaty method establishment. Did Japan change? Are there future political schedule and revision of the Constitution, northern territories, dissolution? ▽Literacy of ▽ you to think about "the issue of medical cannabis" is asked plan in the latter half!