[MX2] Saturday from 13:00 to 14:00
[performer] Koji Higashino, Makoto Takahashi Rie (Kansai TV announcer), Honkon, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane, Japanese beef
... entertainers who always pursue "fun" begin to row like Marco Polo who wrote down "east memoirs" in the ocean called "the entertainment world" and reclaim interesting information and news!

Broadcast content of December 16, 2017 is ...

Kozo Inoue, Chikako Komai, Mayumi Natsu
[reporter entertainer]
Honkon, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Motohiro Takewaka (buffalo Goro), Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane
We retire by yokozuna, the Sunday horse Fuji assault news
◆To Kyokushuzan entering among two people though "engage nobody, without permission…"
◆Honkon speaks to Mongolian sumo wrestler society of rumor
Itsuji Itao guradoru and the immorality news
◆Companion Honkon is spree in the backside of disturbance carelessly
◆Excellent detective Kozo expects relations of two people very much
◆Tono & Honkon is narrative part technique announcement of man popular with women, Itao
◆Nature! Itao legend…Surprise episode that casts entertainer reveals
National idol Morning Musume
◆Impression at the time of start…It is at a loss by instruction to member of singer choice
◆For appearance of Maki Goto other members…
◆The Mayumi Natsu style pubertal member instruction method
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