[MX2] Saturday from 13:00 to 14:00
[performer] Koji Higashino, Makoto Takahashi Rie (Kansai TV announcer), Honkon, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane, Japanese beef
... entertainers who always pursue "fun" begin to row like Marco Polo who wrote down "east memoirs" in the ocean called "the entertainment world" and reclaim interesting information and news!

Broadcast content of October 28, 2017 is ...

Kozo Inoue, Chikako Komai
[reporter entertainer]
Hosei Tsukitei, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane, fusuya
To cause "SMAP" Inagaki, grass, Katori restart
◆We released video in formal HP! It is hard white by inside story of new system
◆The net removal of a ban of fan expectation! With reason why three people started each SNS?
◆It is totally Hollywood? American contract form of new office
◆Talent who joins…? The truth of rumor to be worried about
We announce Namie Amuro electric shock retirement
◆For sudden announcement reaction of the neighboring staff…
◆Sales of CD are 0 10 billion yen? Too great achievement of Amuro ◆The truth height of solo artist! Stoic figure of diva whom Inoue & Komai recites
◆With legend which retired as a surprise in the past when Kozo said, "we are similar?"
Talent good feeling degree ranking announcement!
◆"0 high rank approximately 0?" The secret backside of vote
◆The Great Leap Forward! Tetsuro Degawa…To popular yellowtail of sworn friend clean character
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