[MX2] Saturday from 13:00 to 14:00
[performer] Koji Higashino, Makoto Takahashi Rie (Kansai TV announcer), Honkon, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane, Japanese beef
... entertainers who always pursue "fun" begin to row like Marco Polo who wrote down "east memoirs" in the ocean called "the entertainment world" and reclaim interesting information and news!

Broadcast content of August 26, 2017 is ...

Tsurutaro Kataoka
[reporter entertainer]
Honkon, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane, SuperMaradona
We break through by mimicry of "comedian" match very much!
◆It is emergency suggestion from director? Mimicry birth secret story
◆Days of suffering overwhelmed by geniuses who acted in the same play with "we jocularity group"….
"Painter" & "calligrapher" overnight to the world of art
◆"True beauty…Of next door which was a chance to aim at "painter○○
◆Surprising money circumstances of the world of art…All members are astonished at price of a certain thing costing money unexpectedly!
◆We win to prize that formality is what high in! We recite hot thought to calligrapher!
Days that are "yogi" too stoic yoga
◆We get up seven hours before departure! Routine that we can never imitate of crane Taro who was full of yoga
◆We experience the world of yoga…Honkon is crazy about yoga by fiery zeal instruction of crane Taro, too?
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