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[performer] Koji Higashino, Makoto Takahashi Rie (Kansai TV announcer), Honkon, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane, Japanese beef
... entertainers who always pursue "fun" begin to row like Marco Polo who wrote down "east memoirs" in the ocean called "the entertainment world" and reclaim interesting information and news!

Broadcast content of May 27, 2017 is ...

Yoshio Inoue
[reporter entertainer]
Honkon, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane, Akina
[prince, Yoshio Inoue of musical world]
◆We watch "Cats" and, at the time of small 4, receive shock…We study hard by self-education! Boyhood that is musical geek
◆Musical love is too strong and…Did you change the life of friend? Touched by passion as for the teacher of junior high school…"We sang at whole school meeting"
◆Pass active in "Univ. of Tokyo of art world" Tokyo art university, music department vocal music department. With surprising examination contents…
◆Encounter that is destined in the summer of art size two years! Debut vivid 20-year-old nameless university student by great selection of exceptional case
◆Then it is 17 years…Is called "prince of musical world", and is for the performance end long ...; appearance queue, popular name "prince road"
◆The first lead is double cast…The first failure. As for the pride to pieces
◆How to train vocal cords of musical actor? If "the left vocal cords are tired, we speak with the right vocal cords". The original practice in vocalization method is released very much, too
◆Most difficult "first part of a song" Inoue comments in crude poem announcement in musical! Tono & koidega size reckless driving ... which got in the swing ◆What is secret technique to show to really kiss? Flinging oneself at the enemy war of "Mitsuharu Misawa" Nishizawa vs. "prince" Inoue is outbreak ... for some reason
◆We challenge lines drama without song! On the stage of Yukio Ninagawa direction that is famous in super Sparta…"We looked at true Hell"
◆It is jealousy feeling Mera Mera for Iku Yamazaki Saburo breaking through now…Saying "is not interesting at all!"; "black prince" is appearance ...
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