[MX2] Saturday from 13:00 to 14:00
[performer] Koji Higashino, Makoto Takahashi Rie (Kansai TV announcer), Honkon, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane, Japanese beef
... entertainers who always pursue "fun" begin to row like Marco Polo who wrote down "east memoirs" in the ocean called "the entertainment world" and reclaim interesting information and news!

Broadcast content of July 1, 2017 is ...

Entertainment reporter, Kozo Inoue, Chikako Komai, infiltration journalist, Yukio Ishihara
[reporter entertainer]
Honkon, messenger Aihara, shampoo hat, Hachimitsu Tukitei, Diane, Kamaitachi
We hit fukushi** & Kudo A Suka directly!
The gluttonous real face of Kudo who "eats 0 kg of meat", and is too out of standard

"In fact…The considerably super-sadistic surprise real face of "Fukushi

Father is Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, Manager Kudo…Peculiar rule of the Kudos whom eldest son, A Suka of five brothers confides to
Entertainment…Keisuke Koide followup, drug pollution others of the entertainment world
◆The issue of Keisuke Koide
"Establishment and office are announced settlement out of court on 10th"

Face of the back of Koide that Inoue & Komai looked at. For these past several years in friends and acquaintances as for the change…

Compensated dating circumstances recent infiltration professional, Ishihara of reporting hard white "recently "badger game" (add pipe) by minor…"

◆Arrests with drug occur successively
Suspect second actor, Ryo Hashizume is stimulant, and Kiyoshi Tanaka is arrested in Oasa former KAT-TUN

Ishihara to "come into contact with merchant about "entertainer and drug" regularly" is hard white in the fact of demiworld

On earth where is it made a deal? Route of drug distribution…Furthermore, drug scandal of a certain big game was stubbed out?
Yukio Ishihara saw journalist who sneaked into North Korea, and reported! Mysterious country, relation with North Korean fact and Japan
Infiltration journalist, Yukio Ishihara saw! The North Korean truth to repeat missile launch experiment

Ishihara who sneaks into North Korea in the past, and reported is hard white in the North Korean fact with picture which we photographed in those days

Negotiations at the risk of life! We sneak into no-go area

As for the North Korean guides fear experience that the back thoroughly shivers with in monitoring…

Spy is 0 1,000 people in Japan?

We set that cyber attack for collecting foreign currency?
Back number is this