■About Tokyo market wide

We broadcast "Tokyo market wide" by TOKYO MX2 and one segment 2 in TOKYO MX.
You can see stock prices information with data broadcasting screen during broadcast of program.
(in TOKYO MX2, we can confirm stock prices information from "stock prices information" of data broadcasting screen of TOKYO MX out of program broadcast time)

※It is ... with TOKYO MX2, one segment 2
We broadcast two channels at the same time in TOKYO MX in specific time.
We call this "2 channel eyes" when we broadcast two channels at the same time "TOKYO MX2".
You can see by TV for terrestrial digital or one segment. For more information:>>

By this data broadcasting, you can see stock index, exchange rate, information of the stock prices 20 minutes late.

The seeing and hearing of data broadcasting screen, please use terminal which can display TV which can display data broadcasting for terrestrial digital or one segment data broadcasting screen.

■How to see the data broadcasting screen


Market conditions information area Market conditions information area

■Stock index: The Nikkei Average, TOPIX, Nikkei futures
■Exchange rate: Dollar/yen, euro/yen

Sponsor information area Sponsor information area

When we choose banner and push "decision", the details are displayed.

Menu area Menu area

■Stock prices search: We search TSE First Section, TSE Second Section, brand of Mothers listing and can see individual stock prices information.
■Stocks ranking (TSE First Section): We display ranking of the amount of buying and selling, trading value, rise in price rate, drop in price rate, index fluctuations rate according to Tokyo Stock Exchange type of industry.
■My stock prices: Data of brand that we registered are checked. (as for the registration from stock prices search or stocks ranking)
■Portfolio: We display the number of the possession stocks, the mean acquisition stock prices, profit and loss of total every brand that enrolled in portfolio
■News, weather, traffic: We move to data broadcasting top screen of TOKYO MX.

News area News area

Details screen area Details screen area

※Information displays by delay more than 20 minutes. For system maintenance, update of information may be late.
We display page for print We display page for print