Festival [interesting choice] of Dydo Drinco Japan

We broadcast at 12:55 from 12:00 on the daytime of every Saturday

You have you rediscover splendor of Japanese culture, and please remember your beloved hometown.

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April 29, 2017 [Niigata] Fighting with horns (2009) of cow

April 22, 2017 [Hiroshima] Sumiyoshi festival (oar post-horse boat race) (2016) of Higashi

April 15, 2017 [Gifu] Gujo dance (2006)

April 08, 2017 [Yamaguchi] Japanese-style ship size boat race oshikurago (2009) of bush clover

April 01, 2017 [Oita] Mai God event (2016)

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