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You have you rediscover splendor of Japanese culture, and please remember your beloved hometown.

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September 30, 2017 [Saitama] Horseback archery festival - (2016) of child feudal lord - Moro that town brings up

September 23, 2017 [Chiba] Town - (2016) where autumn festival - Sakura musical accompaniment of many hemp Shrine Sakura to congratulate affects

September 16, 2017 [Shizuoka] Sound! Disposition - Hamamatsu-shi, Maisaka large drum Festival ... (2016) of man of the sea

September 09, 2017 [Kagawa] One heart golden - Toyohama, Sanuki chosa festival - (2016) dancing in the sky in autumn

September 02, 2017 [Aichi] It is Thomas re in omanto, man and horse one feeling! ... omantomatsuri - (2016)

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