Hanzomon Metropolitan gate
Hanzomon Metropolitan gate

Bird deep water Anna

The singing voice includes bird deep water Anna, the biggest charm!
The new world to create in seven colors of powerful husky voice which are full of expressions.
It is release on album "AQUAMARINE" which recorded 12 pieces of gem powerful flexibly full of variety from danceable music to reggae, HIPHOP and sad ballad March 1, 2017.
Work which we invited Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Mizuho Hirata resident in Kagoshima that provided Namie Amuro, Crystal Kay, Mr. Neeraj of just busiest recording & mixing engineer which dealt with famous artists such as AI and many CM music and musical piece to celebrity artist including overseas first-class artists such as timbarando, luxurious creator formation called Takahiro Izumikawa and made.

Bird deep water Anna "Luv song"
[artist] bird deep water Anna
[sale date] March 1, 2017

[authority of Tokiwa]
Article number HFCC-0001
Price 1 yen, 852 (tax-excluded)
[collecting music]
01.Everytime, Everywhere
02.Luv song
04.Chilling Island
09.For ladies
10.You're my best friend
12.Just call my name


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Phantasia of March

Creator project around vocal "mia" imagining story of the end and opening.
Many popular net musicians and illustrators sympathize with singing voice of vocalist "mia" where we hid some sorrow in and are attracted and participate in project.
We announce musical piece "day break" which produced sukoppuga in August, 2015 and start activity.
Activity on net in Maine "blue bottom" (n-buna), "dream of 7,300 and toy" (Yuyu) of "star announce tears" (40mP), musical piece such as "Itai" (buzzG) in sequence.
The total reproduction number of times of musical piece that participation composer dealt with exceeds 3, 0000000 times.
"Speed of opening" is selected as ending theme of TV animation "kizunaiba" of broadcast from April, 2016, and measure makes its debut on June 1. 
"Speed of opening" swept over chart in each delivery site including iTunes, mora and attracted public attention.
We start musical piece Nobe rise contest with mobile novel site "Smultronstallet" in July of the year.
Furthermore, "sea blue world" (reading: cobalt world) is appointed as opening theme of "neck drill cycle blue savan and silly talk errand", and OVA where release was started in October releases the musical piece as second single in December.
And new song "fairy tale" was selected as ending theme of animation "sub-person wants to talk" TV of expectation of broadcast from January, 2017.

◆◆◆ Participation member ◆◆◆
mia (vocal) / Asami summer (illustrator) / bob (illustrator) / loundraw (illustrator) / sukoppu (composer)
n-buna (composer) / buzzG (composer) / Yuyu (composer) / 40mP (composer) / grows (novelist)

mia Twitter: @3_phantasia
Staff Twitter: @3pasi_official

"Phantasia "fairy tale" of March
Fairy tale
Fairy tale
[title] fairy tale
[artist] phantasia of March
[sale date] February 1, 2017

[authority of Tokiwa]
Article number KSCL 2847
Price 1 yen, 100 (+tax)
[collecting music]
1. Fairy tale
2. Red ogre who cried, blue sky to laugh at
3. Fairy tale -Instrumental-


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