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Ordinary Japanese citizen  
If ttenogasonnani buying fighter from the RT @B717: United States is bad, but do China or Russia say when they buy? ? Or do we seem to follow country in bamboo spear? ? ?  #Cross
Ordinary Japanese citizen  
Suggest more election system if you criticize because you do not like RT @B717: election results. "Violation of the Constitution" has nothing! #Cross
Ordinary Japanese citizen  
Because it is dissolved based on "favorite constitution of opposition party" so that RT @B717: it, Indian person say what, it is pickpocket substitute in question that Abe sangadonoto says. #Cross
Ordinary Japanese citizen  
As for what there is not in age limit of RT @B717: driver's license, way of speaking such as result of the LDP is strange. We did such a thing, and there are "human rights human rights" and guy making noise in the other side of the government. #Cross
Aoyagi YoSuKe  
@1112kamenoko @sekiguchiaimi turnout is the most important. 100% of turnouts are ideal democracy. It is all the members participation. Japan is democratic crisis! Birdman
Object of worship  
Dissolution is decided in the Noda Cabinet, and continue getting nervous; and to here…Tomorrow is scary, but, for now, is toast. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is update ruling party great victory in 15 first ren*, each generation most head, and it is crossed by Abenomics continuation # by confirmation https://t.co/WSBP65oy8d @Sankei_news
Object of worship  
There will be one side that independence wants to use their taxes for oneself. But it is German runaway by small country flooding…Agreement is # cross by two states in northern Italy, autonomy extended referendum to demand from overwhelming majority https://t.co/jiquDjtCFs @afpbbcom
Sword Shohei  
RT @kufuidamema: Though there is person criticizing security policy of opposition party, "protesting" only says, "we are absolutely sure", and even Aegis-equipped destroyer which does not argue of nuclear possession that does not consider of ability for enemy base attack possession does not increase "regrettable" when it is the Abe Administration. We do nothing. #Cross
Of Mako be not crowded  
Company which undertakes in studio brilliancy in RT @t_yamazaki69: [this morning does not see each other] trend CROSS? It, too whether person who can expect cost-effectiveness has utility value, ... #Cross # cough complaint sees each other; # in studio # representation https://t.co/nQxaLoUhZf
Of Mako be not crowded  
RT @sekiguchiaimi: Thank you, person who saw MORNING CROSS this morning! Friend who posted on in studio slightly before is | which was two of acting these fulfilled people in real life appeal Good person of ω, `) perception is contribution that does not seem to be me. . Kana # cross https://t.c where to noticed…