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Guest of Monday, May 1

Open marsh Expo

Shinki Sakamoto
(University of Electro-Communications artificial intelligence tip research center professor)


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RT @11777kaoChin: Design that there is not peacefully too much, but is anxious about that looks at Takeshi sleeping from today's atto- here (laugh). #Cross # monikuro https://t.co/XDxZZi2ntK
ดีกว่า/ dikuwa  
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RT @sakanaya701: The latest daily sakanaya! https://t.co/xsy7733I9B Thanks to @fact59 @paramilipic @DHAOC3 # cross
RT @hotakaktarosss: In North Korea being scary, but it controlling the nation using this situation to be more scared, and making the government one as huge rock more? It is thing wanting to maintain democracy firmly and to concentrate power on national defense. #Cross
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