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Friday, August 04, 2017

This theme "reshuffle"
On August 3, Abe new cabinet is sai々*sei!

The personnel affairs that called themselves "the work person Cabinet"
Nishida of sociologist analyzed.

At first the up-and-coming post-"Minister of Foreign Affairs"
Taro Kawano whom the first entry into the cabinet became with.
We pay attention how abilities as native politician are made use of in diplomacy.

More up-and-coming person "Seiko Noda"
Let I toss person who fetched distance in the Abe Administration and join the cabinet,
Aim to let you wipe out image of the friend Cabinet.

And program having put the points "nature of minister"
Nishida reason "decision" "leadership" "nation glance"

How many people is there this minister having three this time?

Future abilities are called into question.

August, 2017

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