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WEB news ranking of Friday, March 31, 2017

1 "Meeting in Japan" system is 700 spirit Diet members to meeting, revision of the Constitution 21240
2 Contribution city officials of "TSUTAYA library" criticism visit contributor's house 19740
3 Possession, the LDP of ability for enemy base attack demand examination from the government 14982
4 Skyscraper Meitetsu of north and south 400m redevelops at Nagoya Station and plans 7267
5 Roar flies in semiconductor company split-up approval, general meeting of stockholders of TOSHIBA 6552
6 District Public Prosecutor's Office, doubt of bill of indictment acceptance subsidy injustice to Mr. basket pond 5900
7 High-quality electric fan "RINTO" which was full of the molding beauty by Panasonic, use of high-quality wood 5090

March, 2017

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