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WEB news ranking of Friday, August 18, 2017

1 "Milk soap" advertisement is burnt down and voice of "we do not buy anymore" "is incomprehensible" and criticizes and floods in 38925
2 Issue of "VALU" large quantities sale, operator of YouTuber Hikaru and others "make new rule" 29873
3 Confirmation - Univ. of the Ryukyus where it is 38 years since then in otter = country in Nagasaki, Tsushima 25888
4 By missile interception in North Korea to model "aegis ashoa" above the ground introduction 7839
5 Copter of the Marine Self Defense Force is Iwakuni air base of rollover four injury Yamaguchi 6103
6 To announcement official on engagement informal appointment, September 3 of *ko, chamber Kei 5318
7 "It is good" white meeting collision tray contribution greatest-ever for Obama tweet 5124

August, 2017

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