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WEB news ranking of Monday, June 26, 2017

1 Earthquake Tokaido Shinkansen stop with a seismic intensity of an upper 5 biggest in South Nagano 76040
2 Election for member of the Metropolitan assembly notification policy debate is not outstanding in right or wrong focus of the Koike metropolitan government 69926
3 Arrest "yearned for knife man by zelkova slope 46 meet-and-greet event to murder member" 31023
4 "Is Kake, and come" to "the whole country in veterinarian department"; is the prime minister in criticism 30198
5 We are cautious in Wakayama in the heavy rain information future for record short time 23066
6 We require visit to North Korea of person who experienced liberation negotiations President of four restriction in North Korea 20698
7 The issue of comfort woman that protest smolders in Japanese Government, remark of the sentence President 16363

June, 2017

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