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WEB news ranking of Friday, May 26, 2017

1 It is the arrest cannabis possession charge in suspects KAT TUN former member Kiyoshi Tanaka 61672
2 "Good-bye Uncle Carl…It is from "Chubu District and to the east and sells and cancels 24715
3 It is passport only in Lego land, up to 25% of real reduction in price periods 13979
4 Vice-Minister in front of Kake school "intention of the Prime Minister" document "surely existence" 13326
5 Four "something like grenade" discovery bomb squad in total work on confirmation at Higashi-Hanno Station 11846
6 It is written clearly in "2 of Article 9" new establishment plan the examination Self-Defense Forces 9801
7 Is it target in suicide bombing, 15 casualties police officers in Jakarta? 8907

May, 2017

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