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WEB news ranking on Friday, December 15, 2017

1 It is the - Kanagawa Prefectural Police to document sending in woman death = female college students smartphone by bicycle 16499
2 "Sit-up" "cannot recommend" association of cause basketball of low back pain 13397
3 Fourth mobile phone carrier Rakuten to application of next year 8178
4 Prosecution which initial, British doctor recognize to liver of patient "is extremely abnormal" 3785
5 MX "news girl" who goes round "serious ethic violation" and BPO = Okinawa bases 3617
6 Smartphone charging saying "get yelled at by parent"; the officer disappearance Nagasaki Prefectural Police 2715
7 Is China dense; for system collapse of refugee camp construction North Korea? 2490

December, 2017

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