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Thursday, April 12, 2018

This trendy theme "lap"
Vocalism "lap" created in the United States was just evolving in various forms in Japan.
Student to go to popular lap classroom from outside the prefecture in Tokyo…In the past, as for the grandfather rapper!
Furthermore, in dance studio where 0 years old - 3 years old child goes to class named "answer lap"…
There was thought of mothers to want to bring up [individuality] there [power of expression].

In addition, when we appear in town…New amusement place called "Shimbashi cipher" is established in park in front of Shimbashi Station
Strange scene that people of the generation when ten generations - 50 generations are wide exchange rap cheerily…
[own words] that rappers of every generation who met by coverage thought about by oneself [like oneself]
We can tell to partner, and this may lead to charm only by lap.

April, 2018

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