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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"55% of people do not seem to understand meaning of vogue word and new word" in "public opinion poll about national language" that Agency for Cultural Affairs announced on 21st.
Therefore we came to hear "words popular now" toward the town.
"Swastika" seemed to be popular among Yes and junior and senior high school students firmly, and it was said that there was not Sunday not to use "swastika" for.
Besides, we are used in the other parties which it is easy to use, and the word "this examination "duck" kunai" is used by "kamo" and,
There were popular "choberiba" and person who used "absent mammoths" with jokes daringly in old days when we became member of society.

Lie that on investigation is interesting boils new word in one of opportunity to mention various words by the spread of net article and SNS and does.
However, we think whether it is serious matter that Japanese beautiful is usable.

September, 2017

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