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By election for member of the Metropolitan assembly of Governor Koike "problem issue of market move" July (4/28 18:30)
 Governor Koike of Tokyo mentioned issue to ask qualified voter while it was more than two months until Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member election of July. When the governor is with the yes and no for past metropolitan government administration by regular interview of 28th... We read the whole sentence
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We know the world from embassy!
We introduce symbol of international city TOKYO, embassy of each country. As for the unexpected point of contact and story…
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Let weather; Mai, the Great East Japan Earthquake. Video report from the field
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2017/04/28 22:51 update
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Yamato, raise of basic fare up to 180 yen. Discount system is new to re-delivery reduction. Home delivery traffic to 80 million decrease.

2 … 
Prime Minister May talks together with Prime Minister Abe visiting the UK. EU secession circulation, promotion confirmation of free trade. To North Korea; but to cooperation reinforcement.

3 … 
For working hours of Saturday and Sunday of public school teacher, club activities push up. We increase with the small, the inside from ten years ago. Fact-finding of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

4 … 
Election of July for member of the Metropolitan assembly, right or wrong of Toyosu move of Tsukiji market are issues, too. Governor Koike, judgment time "blank paper." By regular interview.

5 … 
The business black that it is sharp three years since then. 62,400 million yen. March, 17 period consolidated accounts. Cost cut advances in series of Konomi.

6 … 
The Japan open start of synchronized swimming. In team TR, Japan is the top. Solo of non-Olympics item is the Yukiko Inui second place.

7 … 
We are careful about sudden rain and tornado, thunderbolts on the first day in consecutive holidays. As for the fear of hail. Kanto Koshin, the atmosphere are unstable from Middle Shikoku. The Meteorological Agency.

8 … 
We authorize 17 cases to the "inheritance of Japan" third. "Goods-carrying merchant ship port of call" or "village of stealing." Agency for Cultural Affairs, sightseeing promotion aim.

9 … 
Exchanges "report timely for Mrs. Akie" and Mr. basket pond with Ministry of Finance. The issue of Moritomo national land disposal. Democratic Progressive Party hearing.

10 … 
Fossil discovery to be thought to be mustache cetacean 17 million years ago. The construction spot of Gifu. Half of whole body including the backbone and lower jaw.

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