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Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line passes to graffiti damage 15 meters in width (1/17 18:30)
 It turned out that it was scribbled for approximately 15 meters by vehicle of Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. The Metropolitan Police Department investigates on the suspicion of property destruction.

 It was greatly written on silver vehicle... We read the whole sentence


The metropolitan government
Case, accident
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2018/01/18 14:41 update
1 … 
Launching success three times consecutive small rocket "epsilon." Technical trust characteristics increase. It is equipped with private observation satellite.

2 … 
Secretary of Defense of the United States "has war plan" about correspondence in North Korea. At Minister of Foreign Affairs meeting dinner party open in Canada and diplomatic sources in Japan and the U.S.

3 … 
Trump, Russia escape, and they criticize sanctions in North Korea with support. We offset sanctions reinforcement of China. It is a sense of crisis for ICBM completion.

4 … 
TOSHIBA, cancellation of insolvency are certain. We sell failed U.S. nuclear power generation WH connection credit. Possibility of capital improvement 410 billion yen.

5 … 
The Tokyo Stock Exchange, morning closing price 23,978 yen of the Nikkei Stock Average and large repulsion. On the temporary 24,000 yen level. It is 26 years two months since then.

6 … 
Number of criminal law criminal recognition, 915,000 cases of 17 years. We update the past minimum. Larcenist wide cloth decrease, imaginary request increase. The National Police Agency.

7 … 
We are absent from yokozuna Hakuho, the first sumo tournament in Tokyo fifth day. The way of 2 places seventh. We are wounded in both legs thumb by wind wars to praise. Two weeks for recovery.

8 … 
NY stocks, more than first 26,000 dollars. Repulsion large from a feeling of expectation to profit increase of the U.S. company. Closing price is the amount of 322 dollars compared with the day before.

9 … 
Is five years to rice by apple, investment and employment expansion; to 39 trillion yen contribution. New company building construction and tax payment pillar by asset abroad, refluxing.

10 … 
Clinical study approval that the U.S. national laboratory of hygiene, plural cancers are treated with genome editing. We modify gene freely. It is naive in the United States.

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