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To Governor Manyo Club "wound by right or wrong judgment" of Toyosu maintenance Koike as for the apology demand (4/25 18:30)
 Tokyo got answer "not to be able to judge the right or wrong of business when policy of Tsukiji redevelopment did not become clear" from Manyo Club which dealt with tourist facility "facilities of Toyosu market with a flourishing trade" on 25th. Discussion... We read the whole sentence


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2018/04/26 14:50 update
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The morning of 27th, north and south summit meeting. We go over military boundary on Kim Jong-un, foot of North Korea. By joint declaration as for the denuclearized reference.

2 … 
The prime minister, Moritomo and Kake Diet confusion "openly reflection" to rotate. By concentrated deliberation of House of Representatives budget committee. Opposition party, insincerity and deliberation absence.

3 … 
Child sexual crime damage record high of SNS opportunity. 17 years are 1,813 people and the National Police Agency. Take own image; increase is background.

4 … 
To Narita Airport, LCC terminal expansion. Relaxation of congestion accompanied with number of service increase. We relocate adjacent Japan Airlines facilities and enlarge a building.

5 … 
If pirated edition site block of net is illegal, we bring an action against NTT com. Lawyer of Saitama insists with "infringement of secrecy of communication".

6 … 
We investigate U.S. Department of Justice, Chinese communications equipment major Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Sanctions violation in Iran and the U.S. paper. World eminent smartphone maker.

7 … 
LDP revision of the Constitution four items, a lot of negative opinions. We object 61% more under the Abe Administration. Public opinion poll of joint communication. It is competed for Article 9 revision.

8 … 
The world championship of curling mixed doubles, pair 4 successive victory in Japan. We win a clear-cut victory over Kazakhstan. The second place provisional by four wins two defeats.

9 … 
Robot production to be transformed from person type into car. Companies affiliated with SoftBank. It is for entertainment and aims at mass production, practical use.

10 … 
Gain record-high on the basis of Facebook, quarters. To 4,988 million dollars that advertisement is brisk and increases by 63% of net profit.

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