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"Arbitration proposal does not accept" "territorial problem" Ota ward assembly (10/17 18:30)
 Artificial island, Chuobohatei reclaimed land of Tokyo Bay insists that Tokyo, Koto-ku and Ota-ku are land of own ward. On 17th, Tokyo showed committee of Ota-ku assembly on the day before; "is Koto-ku in land more than 80%... We read the whole sentence


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2017/10/18 07:21 update
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It is around two-thirds of the fixed number in the Lower House election end game situation, LDP and New Komeito firm tone. Hope is around 50. As for ritsumin 3 doubling. Joint communication investigation.

2 … 
To Ooi Nuclear Power Plant 1, second unit decommissioning. KEPCO is decided formally within this year. Safety measures costs need a large amount of by deterioration. Re-operation abandonment.

3 … 
"ISIL" is totally destroyed. Syrian militia releases "capital" lacquer. It is more than three years from national establishment declaration.

4 … 
Iyama Yuta accomplished go player of Go is all seven crown return. We defeat Master Shinji Takao at the expert war fifth station. 2 degrees simultaneous conquest is the first time in history.

5 … 
NY Dow continuous rise. Closing price, 22,997 dollars of 40 strong dollar. 2 days consecutive highs. Good feeling including brisk corporate earnings.

6 … 
A little over eight do not become World Cup, Japan of soccer U-17. We are defeated by final T1 time war, England with penalty shoot-out 3 - 5.

7 … 
Air Self-Defense Force copter UH60J crashes off Hamamatsu. Takeoff ten minutes later, we are training rescue. Four boarding of wrecking crew. We discover parts on the sea.

8 … 
We analyze the Maltese authorities, explosive. Panamanian document is killing case of reporter who reported. Political motive is possibility of background.

9 … 
Shinko illegally U.S. judiciary authorities investigate. We require allied documents presentation. Doubt disguised for several decades. As for the possibility of the full-scale investigation.

10 … 
Mt. Shinmoe, activity are still active. It is one week from eruption that it is six years since then. The Meteorological Agency, eruption caution level 3 (climbing a mountain regulation) maintenance.

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