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The right or wrong of the election for member of the Metropolitan assembly notification "Koike power" majority focus (6/23 18:30)
 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member election with the expiration was notified for term, and 259 people reported the candidacy for fixed number 127. Power supporting Governor Koike such as meeting and the Komeito of the Tokyo residents first can get the majority... We read the whole sentence


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2017/06/24 04:01 update
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Previous department of humanities vice-minister, Maekawa "document fact." We interview by Kake problem. "Possibility of Hagiuda participation." Hagiuda denies.

2 … 
The prime minister, meeting refusal of 4 opposition parties. We criticize yademminsusumikanjicho with "privatization of power". We require the Diet call by the issue of Kake school.

3 … 
Driver 75 years or older, more than 10,000 are fear of dementia. We are determined by at the time of driver's license update. National Police Agency summary.

4 … 
Election for member of the Metropolitan assembly notification, 259 candidacies. It is offensive by Governor Koike, Kake problem. The LDP criticizes "Toyosu move and Tsukiji redevelopment".

5 … 
TSE Second Section is demoted in TOSHIBA, August. Insolvency is certain. Presentation postponement of securities report. Tightrope walking follows listed maintenance.

6 … 
Land men's 100 meters, saniburaun are 2 degrees 10.06 seconds. Championship in Japan. As for Cambridge, the Kiryu and others to the final.

7 … 
We launch private development satellite for the first time. By Canon Electronics Inc., Indian rocket. We distinguish thing of 1 meter of size.

8 … 
Governor Onaga "Henoko check" indomitable resolve expression. Even peace declaration brings up base problem. 72 years after the war, Sunday of Okinawa memorial service.

9 … 
Handwriting manuscript discovery of writer, Ryotaro Shiba. 47 pieces such as "clouds on slope" in total. Manuscript of "Ryoma goes" is naive.

10 … 
Ebizo who left saying "we love" holds a press conference. We wipe spilling tears for the death of Mao of wife by hand.

Election for member of the Metropolitan assembly official counting of votes special program election CROSS

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