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The LDP (3/30 18:30) to press for market move on the last day of the metropolitan assembly
 Over the issue of market move, greatest denomination, LDP of the metropolitan assembly which intensified confrontation posture with Governor Koike of Tokyo insists on market on the last day of the metropolitan assembly whether they maintain Tsukiji again whether you move to Toyosu to decide early... We read the whole sentence
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We know the world from embassy!
We introduce symbol of international city TOKYO, embassy of each country. As for the unexpected point of contact and story…
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Let weather; Mai, the Great East Japan Earthquake. Video report from the field
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2017/03/31 07:30 update
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It issues Korean Seoul center district court, warrant for arrest of Former President Boku. The bribery charge, seriousness authorization. Prosecution arrests promptly.

2 … 
We make North Korea and Malaysia, joint communique. We agree by Kim Jong-nam body delivery. We cancel measures that departure is prohibited in.

3 … 
We cancel a part of the nuclear power generation evacuation order in Iitate-mura, Fukushima, Kawamata-machi, Namie-machi. It is Tomioka-machi on April 1. 30,000 objects.

4 … 
uya*ma is the second place in the world championship of figure skating, boy SP. Yuzuru Hanyu of Sochi Olympics king is fifth place departure.

5 … 
Report last by the issue of organized parachuting Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. 62 cases as for the illegal case in total. It is targeted for additional disposal in 37 each generation vice-ministers.

6 … 
We begin sturdy policy discussion in Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy. Human resources investment is pillar, prime minister expression. Prospect to become one of the education expansion pillars.

7 … 
8 years old girl falls to well in Tokyo, Kunitachi-shi. Firefighting is saved. Slight wound of blow and scratch. Consciousness becomes clear.

8 … 
We do not accept four National Railways electric trains, Ikata Nuclear Power Plant third unit suspension. Hiroshima District Court, new standard "are not irrational". Inhabitants lose the case following Takahama.

9 … 
Hakata cave-in accident, measures to the fragile bedrock layer are insufficient. MLIT third party committee is report. We do not state city and responsibility of JV clearly.

10 … 
Wake and funeral service of three Mt. Tochigi, Takayama, Otawara members of snowslide sacrifice. A lot of classmates shed tears for attendance, too early parting.

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