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In "the held local government, the local governor repels burden" Olympics expense (5/24 18:30)
 Summary having agreed for budget of meeting place except Tokyo as for Marukawa Olympics minister by the issue of expense burden of the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics in constant direction that bore the holding local government in 2020 clearly... We read the whole sentence
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We know the world from embassy!
We introduce symbol of international city TOKYO, embassy of each country. As for the unexpected point of contact and story…
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Let weather; Mai, the Great East Japan Earthquake. Video report from the field
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2017/05/24 22:20 update
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We argue, and it is accelerated to the LDP, revision of the Constitution plan. Toward report in year of prime minister instructions. "Referendum and determination show general manager early".

2 … 
It is the point of contact in British suicide bombing, suspect and ISIL. Information of the authorities and the French Secretary of State for the Home Department. Having complicity or not in focus of the investigation.

3 … 
The Pope is environmental protection suit for Mr. cards. Talk first in Vatican. Do you influence the Paris agreement secession of warming measures?

4 … 
Mr. Kaoru Yosano of former Minister of Finance is death, 78 years old. Successive occupation including the Chief Cabinet Secretary. We promote consumption tax increase. Iron trunk, grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Akiko.

5 … 
Condemned criminal Masashi Daidoji charged with murder by consecutive company blasts dies of an illness. Tokyo prison, 68 years old. The death penalty is settled in 87.

6 … 
Bursting in athlete Mabuchi A Kei marries Daiya Seto of swimming race. Management company of Seto is announced.

7 … 
The first trial of ex-President TEPCO, Tsunehisa Katsumata of forced prosecution is June 30. Nuclear plant accident trial. Invasion prediction of Condominium is issue.

8 … 
TOSHIBA, the U.S. WD top and talk. We are concerned that there are 2 trillion yen purchase plan of TOSHIBA memory, fear of Antitrust Law conflict. Modified demand.

9 … 
Nine steps of Hiroyuki Miura is reconciled with federation of shogi and agree for consolation money. Problem that abuse of software was doubted. We do not announce amount of money.

10 … 
We announce forecast for Meteorological Agency, three months of from June to August. In summer when heat is severe in wide area. Possibility that strong in the latter half rain falls of the rainy season.

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