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Woman killing former date of Tama-shi "wanted to appeal and to withdraw" (3/18 18:00)
 Is what man of former date arrested for case that 26-year-old woman was killed in apartment of Tama-shi by the Metropolitan Police Department testifies saying "we wanted you to withdraw judiciary suit over trouble of association" share?... We read the whole sentence


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2018/03/19 10:20 update
1 … 
Russian presidential election, Putin are victory speeches. Four selections, force of 70% vote in total. We support by "large country Russia revival".

2 … 
Cabinet support 9-point sudden drop 38%. 48% of nonsupports and reversal. Manipulation, prime minister responsibility 66%. Joint communication public opinion poll.

3 … 
We criticize President Trump, mora independent counsel of the doubt investigation in Russia. Naming shows a stronger observation with first dismissal aim.

4 … 
It is protest rally in Moritomo document manipulation, Tokyo and Kanazawa. "There is no political qualification to study in cabinet with lie". As for Osaka, the demonstration.

5 … 
Grand Sumo Tournament, juryokikoshunseki of Takanohana room give assistant a blow. It is multiple times in dressing room. The issue of violence is found out in Minezaki room.

6 … 
20-year-old Osaka naomiga tour first championship. BNP pariba opening of tennis. It is splendid achievement on scale next to four major meetings.

7 … 
We agree on visit to Japan examination of the President of Korea. Minister of Foreign Affairs Kono and *gaiso which talked together in Washington. It is mind by early realization of from April to May.

8 … 
Para ends in the Akira Taira winter season. Japan, medal 10 including most fifth kind winners' platform of Momoka Muraoka. To Tokyo of the baton summer of 20.

9 … 
We break eight steps of Toshima by Hanyu two crown, play-off. Meijin match of shogi. Hang the challenge right to Master Sato, eight steps of Inaba and final.

10 … 
Vote first as for presidential election in Russia, the figure skating athlete medobejiewa. It is 18 years old in last autumn. "Heart calmly one vote"

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