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For arboriculture festival Governor Koike "wood culture the world dispatch" present (11/19 18:00)
National arboriculture festival which deepened understanding of forest conservation was held in Manno-cho, Kagawa, and Governor Koike who attended stated, "we send culture of use of Japanese wood to the world from Tokyo". The time when arboriculture festival raises tree... We read the whole sentence


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2017/11/20 00:40 update
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TOSHIBA, increase of capital resolution of 600 billion yen. Insolvency to cancellation, listed maintenance. By third-party allotment former Murakami fund system in the first on the list.

2 … 
We examine nuclear weapon carry-on to Japanese soil at the time of the U.S. government, Okinawa return negotiations inside. The presentation gives up. We become clear by official document.

3 … 
We rearrest suspect Shiraishi on the suspicion of the Metropolitan Police Department, murder on 20th. It is the killing charge in Zama case, 23 years old women missing last.

4 … 
We inspect Minister of Foreign Affairs Kawano, rohingya refugee camp of Bangladesh. It is cooperation posture to early control. As for the urgent support of 2,100 million yen.

5 … 
Training joint possible B52 mounted with Air Self-Defense Force fighter and nuclear weapon of rice. In August in the Sea of Japan. It is unified by Korean Peninsula emergency mind.

6 … 
New "professional baseball in Asia" Japan to the first king. We win a clear-cut victory over Korea with 7 - 0 in the final. It is Sotozaki of Seibu for the MVP.

7 … 
Mascot GP, Chiba "growl" laurels. We are associated with popular eel and airport. Second place Aichi "chiryuppi."

8 … 
U.S. forces truck is collision, the male death to light tiger in Okinawa. We arrest marine for drinking doubt. Alcohol of standard 3 times.

9 … 
The Komeito, private free high school to proposal. Lower House election pledge. It is targeted for family to yearly income 5,900,000 yen and increases attendance at school support Friday.

10 … 
JT cup of shogi, Takayuki Yamazaki eight steps win the championship for the first time. 36 years old from Hiroshima. We defeat eight steps of Masayuki Toyoshima of conqueror last year in the final.

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