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We inspect Governor Koike, one of the world's largest trip events (9/23 18:30)
Governor Koike visited sightseeing event for the purpose of performing invitation of overseas travel and domestic sightseeing positively and inspected exhibition booth of Tokyo.
The governor is * of aim Tokyo by tourist increase in this... We read the whole sentence


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2017/09/24 10:21 update
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In military signs such as the United States "initiative action." The North Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs is United Nations speech. We do not stop preemptive attack in ballistic missiles either.

2 … 
We fly two B1 strategic bombers, offing of North Korea. Include six F15s; eight planes in total. In the U.S. Department of Defense, this century most to the north.

3 … 
Four death by new earthquake in southern Mexico in total and local media. September begins and develops caution for the third major earthquake.

4 … 
Revision of the Constitution pledge orders becoming to the prime minister, Chairman of the Policy Affairs Research Council Kishida. On 25th to "28th of the extraordinary session of the Diet beginning dissolution of the House of Representatives" and expression.

5 … 
It is earthquake in the northeastern part of North Korea. M3 .5 and the U.S. observation. We report quickly with China, explosion, and information is complicated. Viewpoint of earthquake natural in Korea.

6 … 
As for figure skating international meeting, the girl, sanharamaii is the second place. Championship is Canadian Osmond. Autumn classical music.

7 … 
TOSHIBA accounts processing "includes misstatements". Monitoring committee committee points out. We insist on early inspection start. The issue of nuclear power generation big sum loss.

8 … 
Mexican earthquake "72 hours" progress. It falls survival rate remarkably, and family frets. 295 dead people. Strenuous search continues.

9 … 
Unicorn Gundam statue is shown in Tokyo, Daiba. We transform ourselves into body light destroy mode. Overall height approximately 20m.

10 … 
We visit former islanders, Kunashiri and Etorofu of the northern territories by air for the first time and visit a grave. Aging, burden reduction. We cannot get and back in a day by bad weather.

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