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Governor Koike expresses government new party "party of hope" representative appointment (9/25 18:30)
 Governor Koike of Tokyo held urgent press conference in the Metropolitan Government on 25th and launched new government political party "party desired" and clarified that we took office as representative oneself.

 The Koike governor of "hope... We read the whole sentence


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2017/09/26 14:21 update
1 … 
Start full-scale to each party, the Lower House election. LDP and New Komeito cooperate and promote, and they confirm. 4 opposition parties join in a struggle sequentially, and they explore. New party hurries candidate support.

2 … 
So that nuclear fuel takeoff start is three years late. We change decommissioning process of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Review of aim time is the third.

3 … 
New correspondence examination to promote refuge by foreshock and crustal movement. The government, the Nankai Trough giant earthquake preparation. Report tray of well-informed person meeting.

4 … 
Rice "does not declare war". We argue against claim of the North Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs. We turn down Sanders spokesperson flatly saying "it is stupid".

5 … 
NBA player resists the cards President. By verbal abuse to sportsdom. Criticism occurs successively in the player center of black. The U.S. news.

6 … 
The Paris this start in the spring and summer. Brand more than 80 participates. We expect change of main designer when we record new idea in succession.

7 … 
We criticize representative Yamaguchi of the Komeito, Governor Koike of Tokyo. By "party desired" representative appointment. "You are not fit for two pairs of straw sandals"

8 … 
It is half a year from nationality small 3 girl body discovery of Chiba in Vietnam. "You are reborn, and come back". Father offers incense stick.

9 … 
Shinobu Sakamoto of patients with Minamata disease meets with United Nations official. We promise to to mercury in "environment where we find, and replaced thing is good" for.

10 … 
Application start of the National Center Test for University Admissions. To October 6 postmark. 694 Lord of country private institutions, public private institution short 154 plan.

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