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2017/11/22 12:50 update
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It is the Imperial council toward Emperor abdication on December 1. We squeeze from plan on March, 19 and April 2. We are based on opinion and are decided immediately.

2 … 
Dow Jones Average large continuous rise of NY stocks, 23,590 dollars, up 160 dollars from the day before. High update. U.S. IT stock leads.

3 … 
Did you invite out suspect Shiraishi persuasively? Zama body case. Saying "was hesitation, and reply was late" woman; message.

4 … 
The issue of Moritomo school, quantity of garbage disposal excessive multiplication of Kunimi intention. Fact is possibility of 3-7 percent. Board of Audit today publication.

5 … 
Mugabe resignation tray, Mr. munangaguwa of former aide to new president appointment. Zimbabwe. It is announcement and local paper on 22nd.

6 … 
Test-ride event of super Azusa E353 origin. It is ride comfort improvement and JR East by new technology. We commercially operate from next month 23.

7 … 
Sanctions additional in rice, Chinese company. Aim to confine North Korean source of funds. Pressure "most high level" increase, repulsion are inevitable.

8 … 
It is 14-year-old Tomokazu Harimoto and Biu, Hirano for table tennis Grand Final. We fight about person from tour high rank. We participate in women's doubles.

9 … 
Satoshi Fujii large four steps, the official game 50th win in total. We defeat seven steps of flat wisteria Shingo in throne war qualifier. Record the youngest at 15 years, 4 months old.

10 … 
Fall witness of object emitting light in wide area on the night of 21st. "Fireball" where meteorite of surface of the earth fall shines. In net contribution one after another.

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