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In all offices of Tokyo the smoking area use of the staff to prohibition from April (2/18 18:00)
 Governor Koike of Tokyo said that we prohibited the use of smoking room of the staff in all offices of the capital from April as part of measures to prevent passive smoking.

 We are going to prohibit the use of smoking room of the staff... We read the whole sentence


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2018/02/19 18:30 update
1 … 
We apologize by the MHLW, investigation into discretion labor. We compare data different in condition. The Diet becomes complicated on prime minister statement withdrawal problem, opposition party investigation.

2 … 
Disparity in the value of one vote suit. Fukuoka High Court Miyazaki Branch, the Lower House election is taken as "constitutionality" last year. Request rejection of invalidity. The national thirteenth case.

3 … 
Three Fujimori and others exceed qualifier by Akira Taira Olympics, snowboarding girl big air. Onozuka of ski girl HP advances to the final.

4 … 
The Tokyo Stock Exchange, large continuous rise. Nikkei Average closing price is 428 yen high of 22,149 yen. We favor recent sudden pauses of strong yen.

5 … 
The Asao Minister of Finance doubts protest activity to demand dismissal of Sakawa national tax Director General. "Citizen's group having loudspeaker vehicle is not common"

6 … 
Country which is the safest for Japan, baby. Rate of neonatal death is 0.9 people per 1,000, worst Pakistan 45.6.

7 … 
Mountain erupts China of Indonesia Sumatra. Casualties are not confirmed. After 2010, we repeat eruption.

8 … 
Document discovery to Matsumae feudal clan oldest Ainu. In library of Russia. Quarrel prohibition, four items including looking out for fire. As for the punishment rule.

9 … 
Do not wait for Mayor Gakushi Imamura of Nishimiyaichi, Hyogo, term of May; to resignation. We speak that it is saying "we kill" and receive criticism to reporter.

10 … 
We indict the member of Ken Hashimoto, former Kobe city assembly without arrest in false pretenses. Saying that we cheated state affairs activity costs approximately 6,900,000 yen. Kobe District Public Prosecutors Office.

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