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2018/07/23 07:05 update
1 … 
West Japan heavy rain, the local governments are 28 local governments for "anti-mouth (sea bream grows on) support" of partner. Operation first by institutionalization.

2 … 
It is 180 cases of 17 at escalator accident, JR East station. "Handrail is caught" and is about to call companies of the whole country.

3 … 
Intense heat continues on 23rd. The Meteorological Agency takes measures to high temperature attention information, heat stroke against each place, and they call. In a part as for rain and the thunder.

4 … 
64% opposite to the casino method, heavy rain-response 62% do not evaluate. Abe, support antagonism of Ishiba. Joint communication public opinion poll.

5 … 
G20 Minister of Finance, central banker meeting by joint communique adoption, trade friction "growth lower touch risk increase of the world economy."

6 … 
British Open golf, the Francesco Molina re-ga's first conquest. Tiger Woods is the sixth place, the Satoshi Kodaira 35th place.

7 … 
At home work. It is promotion week of "telework" to Tokyo Olympics, the Paralympics. Congestion reducing aim of means of transportation.

8 … 
Former advisor of cards camp is "Russia and conspiracy" and FBI document. Advisor diplomatic in Mr. Carter page, presidential election.

9 … 
British government policy of the EU secession, support 12%. British paper Sunday Times investigation. Centripetal force drop, intensification of Prime Minister May.

10 … 
Demand Karuizawa bus accident, compensation for damages; to service company suit. It is the bereaved within this year. 15 university students die in January, 16.

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