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Para-relay road race to tie "cord" to toward goal

(Olympics - March 12, 2017 18:00)
 "Para-relay road race" which person who did not have person with obstacle met, and aimed at goal was Komazawa Olympics park of Setagaya-ku and was opened to raise interest in person with a disability sports for the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020.

 As for the para-relay road race, nine people including runner with various obstacles make team and they tie cord and run in course of approximately 20 kilos in total length. .153 17 teams including three prefectures of teams of Iwate, Fukushima, Miyagi that suffered damage by the Great East Japan Earthquake to become the first participation this time that became the second participated.

 Governor Koike who acted as starter talked saying "we thought that there was not success of Tokyo meeting without success of the Paralympics and prepare hard now".

 Japanese foundation which we hosted says, "we will hold para-relay road race in future to heap up the whole para-sports more".
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