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Beach whirlpool former deputy-governor "suggestion in surface of the water bottom TOKYO GAS"

(metropolitan government - March 19, 2017 18:50)
By summons of a witness of metropolitan assembly Article 100 committee which inspected the issue of move of Tsukiji market, origin of beach whirlpool deputy-governor which was No. 2 of the Ishihara metropolitan government testified that "underwater negotiations" that Tokyo and TOKYO GAS performed over the purchase of land of Toyosu market were suggestion from the TOKYO GAS side. Beach whirlpool former deputy-governor was the person in charge who performed TOKYO GAS and contract negotiation that had land of Toyosu market. It was said that we approached TOKYO GAS with underwater negotiations in October, 2000 and exchanged basic agreement of move in the next year. About underwater negotiations this as for beach whirlpool former deputy-governor "feeling thinking about works using word surface of the water bottom carefully carefully accordingly TOKYO GAS when "let's do like that" if it is revealed. I did not understand all in those days. We do not think that surface of the water bottom is bad. We said, we think this business to be word that we promoted. When Representative Tanimura of the Komeito asks a question afterwards saying the surface of the water "may be to negotiate by strong political pressure" about negotiations of becoming, as for origin of beach whirlpool deputy-governor, it "is unpleasantness that Tokyo covered. Forcible political pressure is rude to TOKYO GAS. We do not understand what kind of talk you had because we repeat logically, and there is the person in charge. Saying if might say, is really unpleasant; as for saying is; talked. Furthermore, beach whirlpool former deputy-governor explained, "we do not know thing after basic agreement of move". Article 100 Committee performs summons of a witness for ex-Governor Ishihara on 20th.

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