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"Miniature shrine Miyairi" of approximately 100 Kanda Festival and "representative offering" first in medicine ancestral god company neighborhood

(area waits - May 14, 2017 18:00)
"Miniature shrine Miyairi" by approximately 100 miniature shrines was performed by Kanda Festival of Kanda Myojin in Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku on 14th, and shout of good parishioners of energy sounded through the precincts from morning. Kanda Myojin with the history of nearly 1,300 years collected faith from general to general public as "Edo total local deity" widely in the Edo era. Above all, it is allowed for line of festival to enter Edo-jo Castle as for Kanda Festival and is called "world festival" because general enjoyed on seeing the state. In addition, Shinto ritual "representative offering" that we reached line of Kanda Festival, and parish representative held was performed for the first time in medicine ancestral god Corporation neighborhood of Nihonbashimuromachi, Chuo-ku. Large oneself command and shohikomeimei enshrined in Kanda Myojin are worshiped, and they gather faith in medicine ancestral god company as God watching pharmaceutical development. Medicine ancestral god company was on the shop of building of Nihonbashihoncho until now, but utsushiza did Nihonbashi last year in "forest of happiness and prosperity" to appeal as "town of medicine". utsushiza Ryuta Fujii's chairperson of yakusoshinhosankai which performed "representative offering" as Kanda Myojin parish representative by Kanda Festival that reached only after doing "having appealed for the first time because was jurisdiction of parishioner of Kanda Myojin (by Kanda Festival utsushizago). When it is called everybody medicine, we are when we get medicine of hospital in particular. We do not get that by big mistake and take great money. Therefore we told, medicine wants you to recognize how it was serious matter important thing or to become healthy by oneself once again at importance of medicine how once again that there was God of medicine.

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