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Here re-future measures of deadly poison?

(other - July 14, 2017 18:30)
 Country and Tokyo are hasty in investigation and the extermination while uneasiness opens about problem found more than here re-ga 200 of deadly poison in Oi Wharf of Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku around port. We asked expert how we should take measures in future.

 Higher than 200 were found so far, and, according to Ministry of the Environment, here re-ha of deadly poison found with freight container from China piled up on Oi Wharf was found in egg and larva. Therefore, Ministry of the Environment considers that there might be queen ant laying egg.

 Governor Koike of Tokyo was regular interview on 14th and, about this situation, showed viewpoint, "queen ant was not found, but queen ant was smashed when it was gas burner and bar and dismantled floor bottom of container and might be shattered".

 Capital and Ministry of the Environment put poisonous bait to neighborhood less than 2 kilos of place where container was put for the time being, and Yes was going to continue taking measures and performed investigation in Qinghai Wharf on 14th.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Here re-ha has not been found other than the container of Oi Wharf yet, but expert appeals for attention for what-if case not to approach place that is easy to make here re-ga nest.

 According to Associate Professor Toshiyuki Sato of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, it is said that it is easy to make nest in sunny place in thickets where here re-ha is dark. Sato associate professor "one that the here re-ha sun has good is easy to raise larva. We tell, we let larva hatch using the heat more and more and make ergate.

 When we are found near place where we live in, we arrive and when "there is formicary (abroad), Associate Professor Sato puts up signboard of "here re-attention" and warns. We point out, you should not approach carelessly.

 We call without country and the capital being hasty in here re-no extermination and investigation, and approaching when we find to contact administration.

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