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As for the withdrawal Governor Toyosu "tourist facility" of field of vision Koike "maintenance as scheduled"

(metropolitan government - July 14, 2017 18:30)
 Planned company which dealt with tourist facility in Tokyo, Toyosu market received basic policy of Tokyo which performed redevelopment of Tsukiji, and "withdrawal" showed thought to expect maintenance as scheduled to field of vision about considering saying, Governor Koike of Tokyo "was necessary facility".

 As for the Governor Koike, in "the facilities with a flourishing trade, recognition called facilities necessary to bring about vigor, turnout of Toyosu is not strange in regular interview on 14th. We stated, we want to push forward having a succession of visitors facilities business with that purpose that had company present business in Toyosu as scheduled, and would make turnout of Toyosu well from now on with development of future Toyosu market.

 After that, about company demanding detailed explanation of redevelopment of Tsukiji, we revealed that we ordered sincere response. In addition, we avoided declaration saying, "budget was necessary" about time and time of move to start additional construction of soil pollution measures of Toyosu market when we would investigate thoroughly in future.

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 On the other hand, the board of directors of special committee which talked about the issue of market by the metropolitan assembly was going to be held on the afternoon of 14th, but was postponed in a hurry. Yamazaki chairman of the LDP it "is reason of absence to have a hard time raising schedule in each denomination. We went to visit denomination and adjusted in schedule, but stated, schedule did not match.

 Yamazaki chairperson demands holding of the board of directors from the capital side about basic policy of market move that Governor Koike showed to hear explanation and is policy to do adjustment some other time in each denomination and schedule on after 18th after the consecutive holidays.

 However, from other denominations "is violent in schedule when the LDP selected as without permission as for this schedule. There is opinion that you should discuss in re-elected members some other time, and I do not have held outlook.

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