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As for Wakasa, Hosono tunes secession "new party in power"

(other - August 8, 2017 18:30)
 The Goshi Hosono former Minister of the Environment of Democratic Progressive Party submitted secession notice on 8th and, toward organization of new party which was available for change of government, showed will again. Representative Masaru Wakasa who announced establishment of political organization on 7th shows posture of tuning saying "we are in agreement".

 After having taken out report of secession, Minister of the Environment thin Nomoto held interview and stated, "we made up our mind at first to stand up in having nothing one to make party in power which the two-party system that was available for change of government was necessary for this country, and was new". In addition, we nominated five including "realistic diplomacy security policy" and "suggestion of constitution reform bill based on constitutionalism" for idea which new party raised. We explore that several members of the Diet near Hosono share action in Democratic Progressive Party, and is considered to judge based on result of party president election performed on September 1.

 "Representative Wakasa raises what kind of policy about cooperation with Representative aide, Masaru Wakasa of Governor Koike who established political organization "meeting of the Japanese first baseman" again, and it is not revealed whether you have idea honesty at all. We talked with blank paper really (as for the cooperation). We only show positive posture for discussion saying "we want to talk if there is opportunity".

 Receive interview of Hosono, Representative Wakasa "thinks that the two-party system is necessary for me depending on independent interview of TOKYO MX, and think that mend saucer as a substitute for the LDP. We told, way of thinking accords in this sense (with Hosono).

 About movement of such opposition party reorganization, we show thought that Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Noda of the ruling party welcomes. The Noda Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications "having thunder against necessary thing for the present LDP. We have you give good feeling of strain and stimulation in this sense. We stated, we think whether there was for one means to make politics good (as for the organization of new party).

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