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It is new committee for metropolitan assembly assembly reform first after the reelection

(metropolitan government - August 8, 2017 18:30)
 Extraordinary session of a local assembly of the metropolitan assembly was opened, and 127 representatives of new Tokyo residents gathered in assembly hall while figure of power was greatly more than one month from strange Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member election. Committee which discussed assembly reform that each denomination advocated in pledge by election for member of the Metropolitan assembly here was set up for the first time.

 At first election to choose the chairperson and vice-president as in plenary session was held, and Representative Daisuke Ozaki of meeting of greatest denomination, Tokyo residents first, Representative Keiichi Nagahashi of denomination, the Komeito second for vice-president were chosen as the chairperson. Chairperson Ozaki expressed determination saying "we pushed forward assembly reform as the chairperson positively and solved problems to pile up by expanding policy making function and meet Tokyo residents and trust and expectation".

 In addition, Governor Koike said hello saying "we want to carry out duty that you went ahead through important pair of the metropolitan government to the front at more-better-than speed and should only do for Tokyo residents together single-mindedly" and showed a feeling of expectation to future assembly administration.

 Setting was decided by a majority secondary to the metropolitan assembly in front special committee to discuss about the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics in 2020 in plenary session. Chairperson is shosanyuhikokanjichodairi of meeting of the Tokyo residents first.

 On the other hand, setting of committee to discuss about assembly reform including how to use public car was decided and was talked about future schedules after plenary session. Discussion is carried out by principle exhibition from the viewpoint of information disclosure unlike conventional committee, and representatives of each denomination gather in the end of August, and it is expected that we decide concrete policy.

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