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More than 37 degrees Celsius! Ministry of Olympics "needs measures" in intense heat

(area waits - August 9, 2017 18:30)
 In strong sunlight and Tokyo on 9th when it was, it was the first heat by typhoon pass this year. The highest temperature recorded 37.1 degrees Celsius in 37.2 degrees Celsius, Tokyo downtown area and Nerima in 37.6 degrees Celsius, Ome in Fuchu, and it was extremely hot day in each place.

 According to the Tokyo Fire Department, 59 men and women were conveyed for symptom to be thought to be heat stroke in Tokyo by 3:00 p.m. About cause that became heat that was intense Tokyo Miku Nakamura weather forecaster "warm air which typhoon 5 carried remains. Warm air about 20 degrees Celsius that is higher than average year flows near 1,500 meters of sky and explains saying it is thought that high temperature and foehn phenomenon that it is are up when wind that entered across mountain of North Kanto blows, and it goes down mountain from the Sea of Japan side.

 It is expected that heat more than 30 degrees Celsius continues in Tokyo until about 9:00 p.m. on 9th, and temperature is expectation with place going up to around 35 degrees Celsius on 10th.

 Meanwhile, many people visited pool in Tokyo to get over heat. It was full of influence of intense heat or primary schoolchild or families of summer vacation in pool in amusement park of Nerima-ku.

 Heat of Tokyo becomes big problem by the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics with holding coming three years later. Ministry of Suzuki Olympics which just took office as, "for example, mists may be necessary for road race. Measures in soft aspect to convey as maintenance of hardware surface, heat stroke measures (by hydration) are need. We say, we want to cope well as all think that it is role of country.

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