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The "support fund" fund-raising begins in the future by charm of Mount Takao

(area waits - August 11, 2017 18:30)
 It is "Sunday of mountain" on holiday on August 11. Donation to support fund that was established to succeed charm of Tokyo, Mount Takao in the future began.

 3 million people a year visit Mount Takao and are Tokyo eminent tourist attraction that "star" of Michelin acquires. Mount Takao support fund was established to succeed rich nature and history in the future. Donation activity began on 11th, too, and collecting box was installed in neighboring three places. In addition, sale of product which 10% of the price was contributed to when we purchased in facilities nearby began.

 Akira Ono, chairperson of Mount Takao support fund administration meeting "there is fields and mountains grass near endangered species (in Mount Takao). You protect such a thing and must succeed in history. World mountain where Mount Takao is not simple Japanese mountain. We follow global inheritance together. It talks with purpose of fund.

 It is a custom to continue being active to plan common knowledge of fund in meeting in the future, and to have you approve of wide people.

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