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Flood measures that is new in Tokyo, Tama area

(area waits - August 16, 2017 18:30)
 It was season when attention was necessary for typhoon and the long rain, disaster including torrential rain. In Tokyo, Tama-shi and Hachioji-shi, new attempt to have inhabitants usually have a sense of crisis begins for time when flood was generated.

 Typhoon 9 that hit Kanto directly in August, 2016 brought submergence of road and heavy damage including landslide. The volume of water suddenly increased to the Okuri River of Tama-shi, and, in neighboring areas, the first evacuation advisory was announced in the city. Manabu Kidokoro, section manager of Tama-shi, disaster prevention security section "width of river being narrower as for the characteristic of the Okuri River than the Tama River. We tell, we fell into situation to provide evacuation advisory suddenly (in typhoon 9 of 2016) as water level rose approximately 2 meters at a stretch an hour.

 In Tama-shi of the Okuri River when there are other two rivers, and the Tama River overflows, station which many people use might be flooded. Therefore it is flood hazard map to have appeared in downtown. Attempt to set up outdoors is to try for the first time in Tokyo.

 City installed hazard map which showed depth and refuge of the assumed inundation in five places around Seiseki-Sakuragaoka Station in March, 2017. It is aim to have person using station be usually conscious of thing at risk for flood at this place. Kidokoro of Tama-shi government office expects saying "we want citizen's to keep in mind as you think that difference appears for very refuge action at that time just to have you put that it is flooded somewhere of heart in the case of emergency".

 On the other hand, in Hachioji-shi, sensor which measured water level was attached to small river which flowed through the city. Private enterprise and university in the city cooperate with city, and proof experiment to provide real-time water level information begins.

 By proof experiment, country and the capital pay attention to small river which does not watch water level. We analyze information of water level sensor which we attached with AI = artificial intelligence, and citizen is going to do change of water level and safe refuge course as seen in smartphones.

 "Oneself are making sensor now, but student who participated tells, "we imagine offer of information of the first grade river, the second grade river and information that is smooth by putting together as it was good to be seen in what company makes close", and Yu Tsutsui of company participating in proof experiment performs AI learning".

 Water level sensor is going to be installed in 30 places in Hachioji-shi by the end of August and is that we begin exhibition of water level information on homepage of company participating in approach by September.

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