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Political private supplementary school of Wakasa starts in approximately 200 people

(other - September 10, 2017 18:50)
The last selection of political private supplementary school "kiterijuku" where aide to Governor Koike, Representative Masaru Wakasa acted as principal of a private school was carried out, and it was revealed that we started activity by approximately 200 private school students. Examinee told, it "saw Tokyo governor election of Mr. Yuriko Koike that was a chance to be interested that politics was strong and is after" for question "is there place to think on seeing recent governor of Tokyo election?" in interview. In "kiterijuku where Wakasa acts as principal of a private school," there is application from former Diet member and local member of the Diet, approximately 600 people including person from company and is that we narrowed down person of entering cram shool to approximately 200 in interview of the last selection. Wakasa saying, "we create saucer-like political party under image not to be Democratic Progressive Party which is not the LDP" aims at new party organization in this year and is going to let private school student run for national election from new party in future. Private supplementary school is the first lecture on 16th to open a course, and Governor Koike acts as lecturer and Wakasa is going to become lecturer of "private supplementary school where Governor Koike acts as principal of a private school desired" and is planning to strengthen cooperation in future through politics private supplementary school.

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