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By fire along the line to Odakyu Line Tuesday… Inspection is carried out

(case, accident - September 11, 2017 18:30)
 Fire that happened along Odakyu Line on the evening of 10th spread to train which stopped near the spot, and a part of roof of train burnt. Person who was present at the spot photographed scene which hardly believed its eyes that train with passenger was rolled up in fire.

 On the evening of 10th, fire occurred from boxing gym of Tokyo, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku. On-site building was the track side between Odakyu Line, Sangubashi - Yoyogi-Hachiman Station, and train to Shinjuku of Odakyu Electric Railway which came which ran urgently stopped on the spot because emergency stop button was pushed.

 Concern becomes real thing while eyewitness says, "it is dangerous". Tuesday spread to a part of the roof of train, and red flame and black smoke have begun to go up. Because emergency stop button was pushed, train stopped, but driver moved train to move in safe place and stopped again afterwards when approximately 120 meters moved in the Shinjuku area.

 Crew began refuge instruction in train. According to Odakyu Electric Railway, there was not person who had injury although approximately 300 people got on. Passenger which "house burnt" "there was not smoke (in the inside of car). The outside said, there was smoke very much. In addition, neighboring inhabitants said, "we heard voice", "train burnt".

 It stopped driving at one time during Shinjuku - Kyodo Station, but, under the influence of this fire, resumed the operation at past half past 9 p.m. on 10th.

 On 11th overnight after shocking fire that train was burnt, the police and fire station checked cause of fire to listen to story from the person concerned on the site.

 According to Odakyu, roof of train is made of urethane resin which is used as insulation material of building. This is because overhead wire which high-voltage current flows in is near, and fire retarding standard burns although we meet, and it is said that it is not without. In addition, training that assumed that vehicle encounters fire will be that we consider including reviewing manual of training in future without performing.

 Furthermore, in the case of this time, police officer pushed emergency stop button close to the spot in response to request from fire brigade, but place where train stopped automatically was in front of the fire spot. It is a custom to inspect Odakyu about correspondence at the time.

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 As for Atsushi Umehara of railroad journalist, "it might not be revealed why driver stopped by point in time when train urgently stopped. We point out, it is necessary to inspect whether Odakyu and firefighting, cooperation of the police were appropriate.

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