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Suicide "we do not hold consultation as for the trouble" of child

(welfare, education - September 12, 2017 18:30)
 September 10 is "world suicide prevention day" that the WHO = World Health Organization sets. Tokyo assumes September suicide measures reinforcement month to this. There is tendency that suicide of child increases to at time after the summer vacation, and person hitting measures calls, "we want you to talk without being troubled being alone, and holding".

 Situations that child killed the life by oneself after September began in Tokyo occurred successively. Junior high student jumped off apartment in Sumida-ku on 4th when class reopened in earnest and died and high school student who held trouble about course hanged himself/herself in Edogawa-ku and died.

 Children have various troubles. Voice such as when "quarrel with mother, and do not do well at club activities, and cry if unpleasant, and I do not need to be" (have thought) which "get in the swing in friend acquaintance being bad since the days of junior high student, and injuring partner by all means, and high school student says" "received bullying in the days of elementary school, but teacher snuggled up kindly, and heard trouble, and called out if senior was when "what happened", and was asked about voice that talked about trouble" with.

 Suicide of child tends to increase in September when summer vacation is over, and class reopens in earnest. Cabinet Office says, "it is thought that living environment is easy to be a chance to greatly change for children soon after long holiday began, and big pressure and mental unrest are easy to occur" and points out that it is important for expert that adults listen to story carefully.

 Saying, "friend relations, boy have many junior and senior high school students, and, as for Yoko Yabuki of shinagawa ChildLine, there is much telephone consultation about own body and nature in girl," what "is troubled with is important thing very much. Therefore we think that you may be troubled slowly and carefully, and what we cannot readily talk about with person will be fine. But we are troubled slowly and carefully and call when it became hopeless, we think that he/she should talk with somebody.

 Special class to think about through story-telling of picture book at school of Nakano-ku was performed when we wanted children to understand preciousness of irreplaceable life more.

 Mika Muraoka of picture book writer who read encounters bullying in the days of primary schoolchild, and it is said that we have fallen into the situation cornered by mind and body. So that dream and others hill cuts off student; "textbook and notebook are torn, and there is graffiti when open and. What was tormented was really hard, but accused importance of "talking about trouble" and "thing that we assisted each other" saying, it "was a really big help to have you had you help and support" after having talked about experience saying teacher in charge called out in the case of me kindly every morning.

 Dream and others hill it "is important to solve basic trouble. There are very many children who do not know even that heart lightens when we talk when we had trouble. We do not know that there is psychological disorder mind either. We say, heart lightens in existence of heart of illness, thing talking about including actions to be taken of stress. In addition, after story-telling, dream and others hill says that we received impression "that took power to know what is saved by talking, and to live" from student before and calls, "there is person protecting by all means".

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 Tokyo calls, it "is important we are not going to do something about trouble only by oneself, and to talk with somebody".
■ChildLine (we are consulted targeting at until 18 years old, and there be)
Telephone 0120-99-7777 (every day, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)

■Tokyo suicide consultation dial "relievedly line of heart and life"
Telephone 0570-087478

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