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Governor acceleration Koike, Hosono, Wakasa meets to government new party organization for the first time

(other - September 12, 2017 18:30)
 Movement to "Koike new party" by the government organization accelerates. On the night of 11th, Governor Koike of Tokyo and origin of Goshi Hosono Minister of the Environment, three people of Representative Masaru Wakasa who left Democratic Progressive Party met for the first time in restaurant in Tokyo.

 Minister of the Environment thin Nomoto stated, "Governor Koike heard story that worked on reform in the metropolitan government, and it will be necessary for to receive it, and even the government to make new reliable reform power as for me" about talk and explained, "we were able to agree in direction where we told including constitution problem and were various".

 Governor one Koike stated, "we sent yell when we wanted you to work hard at reform of the government with sense of speed more so that you were not put for world flow by the government either".

 We confirm that three people will discuss at any time in future at talk, and Governor Koike is that we advise on policy sides.

 Representative Wakasa who said that we formed government new party within this year stated, "we think that we were to repeat discussion together if it was person who could approve of policy idea" and revealed thought to explore cooperation with other members of the House of Representatives and others who examined secession of Democratic Progressive Party.

 About this talk held by appeal of Representative Wakasa in political scientists Kazuhisa Kawakami, professor of International University of Health and Welfare "originally (in Democratic Progressive Party) Hosono has own group, and express secession of Democratic Progressive Party to some extent in group, people are, too. There are how many people or take and participate in Koike new party. We consider expectations of Representative Wakasa and others to be able to expect effect that it becomes cause and calls in people of secession of Democratic Progressive Party more.

 On the other hand, it was considered that five members of the House of Representatives who belonged to group of Hosono examined secession in Democratic Progressive Party, and Chief Secretary Oshima began hearing for detention.

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