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"Remain in the same class for another year" by professor of Tokyo Gakugei Univ. simultaneous email

(welfare, education - September 12, 2017 18:30)
 University took official suggestion discharge action against man professor saying that male professor of Tokyo Gakugei University Department of Education in Tokyo, Koganei-shi did so-called "academic harassment" to repeat harassment such as suggesting repeating the same grade to plural students.

 After former student of three men and women graduates according to Tokyo Gakugei University, for university, we are that we accused damage of academic harassment by male professor of department of education in its 50s. When professor suggests repeating the same grade to student and is going to let you cancel nai々tei of company, it means that we repeated harassment.

 "Why were you not in laboratory at 17:00? Reply by all means by the end of tonight, professor sent which "bad person of progress (progress) of graduation thesis cannot submit article" all at once so that students of other plural understood many emails that gave student including "please remain in the same class for another year" uneasiness using mailing list.

 From active student going to Gakugeidaigaku "disappointed" "think whether was not correct well (professor and student)…"Voice to "think that we did not want to think that you must not do it for teacher of university and to do" was asked.

 According to university, two are to be in condition not to work for mental disease in now of thing which we found a job either among graduates who appealed for damage.

 On the other hand, professor subjected to official suggestion discharge resigns on 11th, and it is said, "it was part of instruction" about a part of the behavior although we reflect.

 Tokyo Gakugei University comments, "it is really regrettable and wants to try for prevention of recurrence".

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