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It is shakeup by user rapid increase! To Kachidoki Station congestion cancellation

(area waits - September 13, 2017 18:30)
 Toei Oedo Line linking Tokyo to 6 characters consists of whole line opening for 17 years. Redevelopment advanced along the line, and users increased smoothly the other day, too. Above all, shakeup construction of station is pushed forward now to correspond to user who suddenly increased at Kachidoki Station of Chuo-ku.

 Toei Oedo Line, Kachidoki Station --. which overflows with person in time of morning rush Daily passenger getting on and off number was approximately 28,000 people for 2,000 years when they practiced medicine, but neighboring redevelopment advances with improvement of convenience, and users continue suddenly increasing. It is 2016 than approximately 100,000 and 3 times at the beginning of opening of business and the station yards overflow in people at the time of commuter rush and return and are in a condition that there is influence for service of train. In late years apartment or office of high-rise building are built in Harumi, Chuo-ku, and this is because redevelopment around the station advances.

 Therefore Tokyo began large-scale repair work in 2010. We make new exit leading to improvement and office building of concourse, and only one increases homes which there was not to two and is aim to plan relaxation of congestion in what we divide into two countries area going and Daimon area going. Construction of home for exclusive use of the Daimon area established newly advances, and wall separating from used home is going to be taken away now in 2019.

 For plan when Olympian village organized in Harumi district becomes house after the meeting, in Kachidoki Station, increase of passenger getting on and off is anticipated more in future in future. We say that Tokyo Traffic Bureau can cope with future use increase if this improved construction is completed. The project manager of Tadashi Yoshimura improvement at capital Traffic Bureau tells, "we want to push forward construction now while protecting security of service of train to use state causing inconvenience comfortably".

 Repair expense of Kachidoki Station is going to be completed for 10,800 million yen by 2020.

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