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Boy who was over warrant for arrest in Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku at escape 1:00 in elementary school

(case, accident - October 11, 2017 18:30)
 Teenage boy whom warrant for arrest left on the suspicion of injury in Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku escaped from home in the morning for 11 days when option company was demanded from the police. Boy has witness information that escaped into elementary school in neighborhood, and the police chase whereabouts.

 After having said, "we speak with mother who is in back room" according to the police when warrant for arrest demands option company from boy who appeared on the suspicion of injury at about half past 5 a.m. on 11th, we are that we escaped from window. We looked for campus, but were not found afterwards because investigator witnessed figure that boy escaped into site of elementary school of Shinagawa-ku.

 The police chase whereabouts of boy.
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