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Thought of meeting hometown first review meeting of Tsukiji redevelopment…

(metropolitan government - October 12, 2017 18:30)
 The first meeting of review meeting which thought about redevelopment that we made use of charm of Tsukiji that Governor Koike of Tokyo proposed in was opened. People working in Tsukiji have complicated feeling while they did it this way.

 In Tsukiji redevelopment review meeting held for the first time on 12th Governor Koike "is studded with various treasures a lot in Tsukiji. We made use of potential enough and we said hello and did saying we want to do in new base of sustained growth, development of Tokyo when we wanted to raise added value of Tsukiji by keeping private know-how alive.

 It was governor interview of June, 2017, and it stated with "basic policy that katsu () lent Toyosu that Tsukiji protected", and Governor Koike raised redevelopment of Tsukiji market in basic policy of market move.

 It was Governor Koike who showed policy called "theme park of meal" at first, but "we keep the future, brand of meal alive how afterwards, or" (consider) (July), "various examples are in the world. We simply spoke with (August) when we considered what you would do (in review meeting), and concrete directionality might not be shown about Tsukiji redevelopment.

 In this review meeting which was performed while one step advanced for move to Toyosu market that it was after June, 2018, opinion, it "was necessary to leave sense of Edo" was exchanged for historic value and redevelopment of Tsukiji. We perform local inspection and are going to gather directionality of "town planning of Tsukiji" in future in about May, 2018.

 What kind of figure will "kitchen of Tokyo residents" really become? "Flow of person changes how, or it is not revealed while some says, "we have not gone to it from people working about Tsukiji redevelopment in Tsukiji if we move to Toyosu and can do Tsukiji in Tsukiji". We do not think that we increase even if it may decrease. In business, is worried very; "there is not third dimension, and do not know where put the shoulder to the wheel to. Do not know where is person knowing Tsukiji and business to, the number of customers was asked about voice that worried about to fade away while clear vision was not seen.

 Tsukiji redevelopment review meeting began with people who worked having complicated feeling. It is necessary to watch future whereabouts of "kitchen of Tokyo residents".

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