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Roppongi in "steak battleground!" Branch a series of reasons?

(business - November 10, 2017 18:30)
 It is "outing report" which caster walks attention spot in Tokyo, and collects data on new movement. It is Roppongi, Minato-ku this time. High-quality chophouse opens one after another and is becoming battleground now in Roppongi. We pursued background where branches occurred successively in Roppongi and the battle front.

 High-quality chophouse is opening in Roppongi in sequence now. A radius of 800 meters of Roppongi Station includes 82 shops providing steak, and it is in "steak battleground" outstanding in Tokyo.

 It is "empire steakhouse" which made a foray into Japan for the first time from New York on October 17 first to have come. One push menu "emperor this shop steak" (24,000 yen) is approximately 30 centimeters of huge steaks. We can taste sirloin which has highest peak of fillet and chateaubriand and a thickness to be said of 5 centimeters at a time. He/she finishes how to grill in favorite doneness with six phases.

 About reason that chose Roppongi as place of advance Japan's first high-quality steak restaurant of New York Manager Kotaro Hattori, in "Roppongi, there are many foreigners, too. As empire steakhouse is American steakhouse, we say, we nominated Roppongi for the first candidate as place where foreigner that culture to eat meat is easy to penetrate most is easy to spread a lot most.

 Furthermore, empire steak and "Benjamin steak" from same New York opened a store for the first time in Japan in Roppongi in June.

 For movement of these foreign countries group, Japanese steak restaurant plays in original strategy, too. We resemble at "6:00 on the next morning from 6:00 p.m." in business hours to take demand only in Roppongi where there are many restaurants which are open until the middle of the night because "the steak Roppongi" attains a full victory in battleground. Yuki Abe, manager "Roppongi neighborhood has a lot of shops until 3:00 at late-night 2:00 including club. After such a shop, we say, we aimed at having you eat red meat a whole bunch.

 Specialty "1 pound of steak" which we can eat (3,700 yen) is 400 grams and big steak, but it is said that there are many people whom even woman customer finishes eating even early in the morning.

 "Fierce battle of steak restaurant" of Roppongi developed in various strategies does not know place to stay.

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