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It is Tamaki for line succession party, joint representative of Governor Koike desired

(other - November 10, 2017 18:30)
 Joint representative election of party where Governor Koike of Tokyo acted as representative desired was held, and Representative Yuichiro Tamaki was chosen as joint representative who led Diet member.

 Tamaki appealed for the need of constitutional amendment to clarify limitation of right of self-defense by viewpoint to follow line of Representative Koike and acquired wide support of Akihisa Nagashima and others formation of a party member and others. And we got 39 votes by vote by Diet members of 53 people and won single combat with Representative Hiroshi Ogushi. Tamaki chosen as joint representative said hello saying "we will try hard in total to do party desired in trusted prospective political party relied" on.

 For this result, voice such as (Representative Hitoshi Matsubara) who "wanted you to try hard as political party which argued with Koike promptly as we thought that it was joint representative with centripetal force, and strongly stepped forward" who "could start clearly looking ahead not political party which looked back toward the back, and was in a mess" (Representative Akihisa Nagashima) was asked by member of the Diet of the Tokyo election.

 In addition, Governor Koike of representative showed expectation to Tamaki saying "we showed the leadership that representative did well, and Representative executives and position that supported it will show follower ship".

 Reconstruction of party power by cooperation of two people will become urgent business in future.

To <party power reconstruction relations with Representative Koike?>

 Joint representative election of party desired was landslide victory of Tamaki. Interview was held for approximately one hour, but there were many questions about relations with Representative Koike who acted as Tokyo Governor afterwards.

 Tamaki who was elected by joint representative "relations with Representative Koike…We stated, "we want to learn that it was various because it was representative of Koike who had thing that I did not have a lot in various ways" after it was said, we want to take communication peacefully.

 "What kind of point is it to be concrete? When, in the point in Tamaki grieving at Koike, is heard to; "want to follow dispatch power, decision that is bold of Representative Koike. We stated, we do not know the place where I was superior, and, through the whole of interview, impression that Tamaki investigated sense of distance and relationship with representative of Koike was founded.

 When we were asked about policy of party by reporters about casino bill, the similar situation appeared. It "is the first of thought that even the party is various that at first grasp thought of representative of Koike as we think that person is why Tamaki will go about the IR method in future. Then, gathering up intra-party thought whether there is person of what kind of thought in the party as for the next that is; stated.

 At first Tamaki said that we compiled intra-party opinion for the moment after having made thought of Representative Koike. Influence of Representative Koike may be big by administration of the government and party desired in future.

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