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Toyosu move Sunday is voice of uneasiness from market supplier opaquely again

(metropolitan government - November 10, 2017 18:30)
 On November 10, meeting where opening Sunday of Toyosu market was fixed at by the issue of move of market of Tokyo at first was going to be opened. However, decision was postponed following the fact that local Tokyo, Koto-ku showed disapproval of acceptance. About this, some raises uneasiness from market supplier.

 Tokyo and trade group were going to hold meeting that selected opening Sunday of Toyosu market as = October 11, 2018 of next year on November 10.

 However, local Koto-ku expressed concern about company of maintenance planned tourist facility examining withdrawal in Toyosu market, and following the fact that we said, "we cannot but reconsider acceptance of market" unless maintenance was settled, the industry side resisted, and meeting was postponed, and decision of opening Sunday was postponed.

 From person concerned of market "word to want to decide early. Another one year is prolonged (move), too. Do you think that you can do it in Tsukiji for another several years? Is impossible; "is not thinking very much. But (in Toyosu) we think that you should not go. Even if we think too deeply…After all we do not want to go. Do not want to really go, various voices were asked.

 Governor Koike of Tokyo was regular interview on 10th and showed intention to want to open meeting to decide move Sunday as soon as possible to trade group of market while voice of uneasiness was asked by supplier after having given a polite explanation.

 Governor of Koike "push forward Koto-ku and various exchange of opinions, enough adjustment. We stated trade group, we would like to ask to hold new market construction meeting as soon as possible in response to carefulness.

 Understanding and cooperation of hometown, Koto-ku needed Governor Koike about move in this way, but did not declare whether Governor Koike oneself went to Koto-ku, and you negotiated.

 The Yamazaki head of a ward of Koto-ku demanded that tourist facility in market opened with market, but, by move postponement, opening was in a situation that it was difficult at the same time and we held the capital to account and corrected until now. In interview of September the Yamazaki head of a ward when "is based on reality, it is difficult. Building cannot be built (tourist facility) in one year. We gave frank advice saying Tokyo wants you to fulfil responsibility well.

 About this, Governor Koike is regular interview on 10th; it "will be in particular feeling of Koto-ku that turnout facilities want to put timings together for the opening as much as possible. We caught the neighborhood well and stated, we want to plan adjustment as the capital.

 Eyes of Tokyo residents are poured whether Governor Koike shows what kind of leadership, and you get hometown, Koto-ku and understanding of market players.

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