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Abuse murder personnel training and improved treatment are urgent business in nursing facility

(case, accident - November 14, 2017 18:30)
 Man of former care person who worked was arrested by these facilities on the suspicion of throwing person of 83-year-old entrance into bathtub where we put bath on in nursing home of Tokyo, Nakano-ku, and having killed.

 We let Suspect Hisashi Minakawa (25) of Tokyo, Suginami-ku throws Kan Fujisawa (83) who entered pay nursing home in Nakano-ku in August, 2017 when we worked as care person into bathtub according to the Metropolitan Police Department and drown, and doubt that we killed is held.

 Suspect Minakawa tells, "we thought that futon is polluted many times and stops it" for the investigation and is that we detect the charge.

 In addition, at the time of case occurrence, Suspect Minakawa told, "we were drowned in bath when we left because nurse call entered and came back" by voluntary questioning, but nurse call did not actually enter.

 Stress of care considers the Metropolitan Police Department which should have strangled Fujisawa that there was Suspect Minakawa in bed several hours before there was case to have been connected for case and checks circumstances in detail.

 Yukio Akiyama, president of Nichii CarePalace running nursing home holds interview; "I really am sorry, and apologize to resident who died, the bereaved deeply. We apologized saying we plan thorough employee education, reinforcement of the safety management system more than before to never produce such a situation.

Background of abuse increase of <elderly person care…>

 Aging advances more and more, and it will be thought that demand for nursing facilities increases in future. It becomes problem while we did it this way how you prevent abuse in facilities.

 In Tokyo, the number of abuse by nursing facility worker increases. 2006 was four cases, but we increased steadily in these 10 years and rose to 30 cases in 2014. In addition, the number of consultation, reports to the capital was 109 in 2015.

 As reason why the number of abuse increases to, "person of dementia often becomes a target of abuse, and do not be provided with education, knowledge, technique of caretaker for dementia enough" is doing the welfare health situation of the capital "person of entrance of facilities lacking human resources whom we care for although we increase" again when it is thought. On the other hand, we consider that that "consultation desks of abuse increase, and legislation advances, and the cognitive number of abuse might be dug up".

 At point called legislation, prevention of elderly abuse law is enforced in April, 2006, and the number of reports actually increases after the enforcement of law.

 In Tokyo, one of five people has already entered into "super-aged society" 65 years or older, and measure to overcome problem including improvement of upbringing and service of caretaker becomes urgent business.

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