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We express Governor Koike "party of hope" representative resignation

(other - November 14, 2017 18:30)
 We expressed representative resignation of government political party "party which Governor Koike of Tokyo raised by oneself desired".

 Governor Koike clarified representative resignation in Joint Plenary Meeting of Party Members of Both Houses of the Diet of party opened on 14th desired. In this Governor Koike "the government wants to entrust all of government. We started in representatives as responsibility of the founder, but we would leave to all of you from now on and, based on having you push forward well as directionality was fixed, went down seat of representative and stated, it wants to allow you to support in proper form.

 We will resign representative of political party which oneself raised ahead of the Lower House election in only one and a half months.

 We refrained from the Lower House elections just before that, and party which Governor Koike raised in September desired was expected as new saucer of the anti-LDP, but the direction of the wind changed from remark that "we removed" of Governor Koike over junction with Democratic Progressive Party.

 In the party desired, elected candidate remained in election of three people in proportional representation only in one among 23 candidates of single-seat constituencies of Tokyo by the Lower House election. Still Governor Koike "takes responsibility for having raised party. It was rather to remain in party president as irresponsibility from now on to retire from representative while it hardened the government next as party.

 However, voice to point out concern of metropolitan government stagnation with two pairs of straw sandals of representative and the governor of Tokyo of party did not stop and showed intention to devote itself to the metropolitan government.

 Governor of Koike who expressed representative resignation in Joint Plenary Meeting of Party Members of Both Houses of the Diet on 14th after all "want to share heaviness that 10 million people wrote as party desired together. And we want to do necessary help so that each everybody shines as star desired. We called position member of the Diet and others saying we want to leave this back to Tamaki joint representative that we were separated from representative.

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