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Ahead of winter publicly full-scale in the Tokyo Skytree by snow fall measures

(area waits - December 5, 2017 18:30)
 We reach December and are winter clothes in the Tokyo Skytree of Tokyo, Sumida-ku. It is problem that snow measures are important every year to lead to big accident when snow piled up falls in the Skytree of 634 meters in height. Snow fall measures were released ahead of the full-scale winter arrival at 375 meters of points of the Skytree.

 Brush, saw and long rope --. All these are tools of the snow removing used in the Skytree. Tool of used snow measures was introduced this winter in the Tokyo Skytree on 5th, and demonstration of work using them was performed.

 Above all, it is small washing machine to have been introduced from this time. Because we can clear of snow quickly in wide area by jetting hot water at high pressure, effect is expected for work of place where it did not reach by hand so far.

 According to the Tokyo Skytree, we are that construction after 2009 when we started construction, damage 11 such as snow falling, and bonnet being damaged of car occur. The person in charge of the Skytree said, "we want to prepare well to cope even if it snowed whenever".

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