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Major convenience store is experimented on for labor shortage cancellation to "uninhabited cash register" introduction

(business - December 5, 2017 18:30)
 Labor shortage worsens in retail industry including convenience store and leaves place to cancel open 24 hours. Figure of future convenience store to utilize IT, and to aim at "uninhabited cash register" was released by the reporters while we did it this way.

 In research facility of major convenience store chain Lawson established in October, 2017 by Tokyo, Minato-ku, studies such as automation of sales floor using latest IT technique and artificial intelligence = AI are performed every day. Facilities are made in imitation of real store.

 When visitor takes away product from shelf, sensor reacts, and information of product is displayed and panelizes digital of showcase with sensor, and waiting on customers using robot is studied by monitor.

 We put product in the shopping bag and can just go along gate without doing work to read like bar code by adding the electronic tag that contained the name and the price of product to product, and it is studied payment is finished without cash register, setting up.

 And it is "unmanned cash register" that visitor reads oneself bar code on behalf of staff, and what is expected as trump of labor shortage cancellation pays. The settlement is completed just to read bar code of desired product with smartphone of visitor, and to shade. We aim at examination introduction of the spring of 2018 and at first make cash register no person from 0:00 to 5:00 in the morning with a little number of the visitors. Because staff can concentrate on rearranging and exhibition of product in the time, there comes to be store administration by less number of people.

 Sadanobu Takemasu, president of Lawson tells, "we aim at posting Robo Thich (robotics) in every place, and running store for the latest digital, the best heart" about the future prospects and solves understaffed problem by making full use of digital technology and is doing when we still continue open 24 hours.

 At first we are going to begin being number store of metropolitan area, and only visitor having application of smartphone puts in time when cash register becomes uninhabited, and uninhabited cash register is that we introduce while taking measures against crime prevention side.

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