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It is the investigation metropolitan assembly by the Komeito, the LDP, "bid system reform" of Governor Koike

(metropolitan government - December 6, 2017 18:30)
 Questioning that each denomination asked Governor Koike a question was carried out in Tokyo metropolitan assembly. The Komeito which dissolved cooperation with meeting of the Tokyo residents first demanded radical review of bid system reform that the governor led while bid disorder of additional measures construction of Toyosu market continued.

 Ahead of up-and-coming metropolitan assembly questioning, Tokyo residents seeking passes to a court hearing gathered in assembly. Person who came for hearing "thought what happened to Toyosu. Want to devote itself to the metropolitan government until Olympics (as for the Governor Koike); "how do deal with market players taking nuisance as the governor? We said, we are interested very much.

 When "items of high successful bid rate" which the governor brought into question decreased, Akira Yamauchi member of the Metropolitan assembly of meeting of the Tokyo residents first that took question by questioning that began after 1:00 p.m. first evaluated bid system reform that Governor Koike pushed forward by sponsorship. After that, it was said that you distinguished from problem that bid disorder of Toyosu market occurred successively and should think. As for Yamauchi member of the Metropolitan assembly, "exceptional both corresponding to flexibility are need to principle to adapt itself to most cases becoming the basis of system and special exceptional case in system design. Bid of Toyosu special individually was out of condition, and it stated, it is inappropriate to twist the whole system. In contrast, Governor Koike "pushes forward re-ordering for the contract conclusion while additional measures construction goes through appropriate procedure. (2018) answered, is going to let construction complete including confirmation of seminar by the end of July.

 It is the Komeito facing Governor Koike in situation of "free and unbiased policy" that was contrastive with meeting of the Tokyo residents first that showed way of thinking to advance reform that Governor Koike pushes forward together. Reform of the conventional governor presented severe criticism saying "we cannot realize result". Seigo Tachibana member of the Metropolitan assembly of the Komeito "politics is result. Proof of the results and policy without end investigated even if they took new reform while Tokyo residents could not realize result of reform that the governor pushed forward saying it is falsehood. Furthermore, Tachibana member of the Metropolitan assembly says, "should review radically" about bid reform; and, in the face of "reality that bid disorder continues, cause uneasiness called stagnation of the whole metropolitan government to many Tokyo residents. We pressed to review enforcement policy that the capital proposed about bid contract system reform radically. In contrast, Governor Koike "reform just began. Contract system did not have answer that was the absolute one and only, but it followed and demanded understanding saying that we stated, we want to wrestle for construction of better system while hearing voice of trade group based on examination result of bid monitoring committee well, and reform was trial stage.

 Many questions over bid system reform of Governor Koike occurred successively by questioning. The capital gave up bid about some construction of Toyosu market, and Akihiro Suzuki member of the Metropolitan assembly of the LDP which took question following the Komeito criticized that we examined free contract that the capital chose supplier as strictly saying "failure is clear". Suzuki member of the Metropolitan assembly "cannot but say that it is really ironical that the governor who criticized one bid and extraordinary free contract so much by contract of Toyosu market maintenance construction traces the after all same way. Failure of bid system reform was clear and investigated saying the adverse effects may spread through overall metropolitan government, the whole. In addition, Suzuki member of the Metropolitan assembly went to visit hometown, Koto-ku of Toyosu market and demanded that we explained future prospect carefully. In contrast, Governor Koike did not have reference about bid system reform and kept explanation to Koto-ku if we stated, "we think about going to visit".

 Meeting of the Tokyo residents first argued against the criticism while there were many voices, "it was so!" and went up from representative from LDP in assembly hall when the LDP criticized Governor Koike strictly following the Komeito, and assembly hall was seen in scene turbulent at one time.

 Because the Komeito which assumes stance with the governor "free and unbiased policy" asked in severe manner, in addition to the LDP having developed offensive more, careful steering seems to be demanded from Governor Koike in future.

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