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Group groper of letter of thanks JR Saikyo Line is discovered by schoolboy

(area waits - December 7, 2017 18:30)
 Letter of thanks was given schoolboy who worked part-time at arrested case at Tokyo, Itabashi Station that noticed accident in the car, and contributed to arrest saying that four men did groper to one woman by JR Saikyo Line in group.

 It is Tsubasa Tanikawa (20) of technical school student working part-time of passenger instruction at Itabashi Station of JR Saikyo Line that letter of thanks was given by the Itabashi chief constable.

 We were arrested for the lead car of Saikyo Line which went to Itabashi Station from Ikebukuro Station in July, 2017 in November saying that four men did groper around woman in her twenties.

 It is said that groper saw the up lead car with caution frequently while Tanikawa working part-time at Itabashi Station for two years, and reducing passenger at the time of case at home of Itabashi Station. Saying, when "train arrived, figure which had already surrounded saw madoetsu shikara, and strange atmosphere was transmitted through Tanikawa," "almost none of the customers who turn toward the door when generally go down. We looked back toward those days then as we were able to see what we surrounded for woman one saying we felt that it was strange.

 We stop train which closed of door once, and Tanikawa who noticed accident takes down men with other station employees in home and is that we listened to circumstances until the police rush. There is two or three groper damage a day at Itabashi Station, and even parttimer receives the training same as station employee and is that it allows you to cope with accident. Tanikawa said, "we want to still try customer hard well as we thought that thing by comfortable service did not turn into customer by relief, security despite part-time job to provide".

 Commended Tanikawa is to be going to find a job in railroad-related company from April, 2018.

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