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Escaping monkey is movement or Tokyo, Minato-ku, but witnesses occur successively

(area waits - December 7, 2017 18:30)
 We go north more on 7th, and monkey which appeared frequently in Tokyo, Ota-ku and Shinagawa-ku by December 6 is witnessed in Minato-ku, but does not still reach capture. Camera of TOKYO MX caught figure of escaping monkey.

 Picture was photographed in site of the Tokyo Waterworks Bureau in Kounan, Minato-ku. State of one monkey across way was caught on the run quickly.

 This monkey appeared frequently in Kanagawa from about October, and witness information more than 20 was sent in Ota-ku on December 6. There was report "which looked at monkey" around Kamata of Ota-ku according to the Metropolitan Police Department on 5th, and even the neighborhood of Omori, Ota-ku was witnessed on 6th.

 And we moved place to the north on 7th, and reports occurred successively at 3, Kounan, Minato-ku. When monkey was in courtyard of apartment before noon, there was report, and the Metropolitan Police Department searched the outskirts. In addition, it means that monkey sat in courtyard of apartment after 10:00 a.m. Person who witnessed "understood the monkey. Even if sit down; around 50 centimeters of size. We said, there was not at all state to act violently.

 The Metropolitan Police Department deals with search sequentially in pursuit of whereabouts of monkey. Monkey witnessed in Tokyo according to Ota-ku is thought to be male, and damage to person is that there is not so far.

 It is ward where monkey appeared frequently, and "wanting the police to report without approaching if we see monkey, and feeding" appeals for attention saying "we want locking to be thorough so that it is not invaded house".

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