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Just before beautifulness beautifulness exhibition! Ueno who swells with the whole town

(area waits - December 8, 2017 18:30)
 It is "outing report" that caster walks attention spot in Tokyo and reports on. We reported on town "Ueno, Taitou-ku" that showed upsurge in front of what beautifulness beautifulness of baby panda was released to on December 19 this time conspicuously.

 Baby panda beautifulness beautifulness of Ueno Zoo reaching half a year after birth soon of mother when bite leaf of bamboo grass together silently, and hold onto foot of member of breeding, and play, is brought up smoothly.

 For year-end shopping expedition, many people visit "Ameya bystreet" in front of Ueno Station that most people visit in one year at this time in spite of weekdays, and vigor is felt. It is said that it seems to be full of many people more than average year this year because there is exhibition of baby panda.

 Takahisa Shimura of Ameyoko-cho Arcade, Shimura store "is panda for Ueno. We send expectation to return to see beautifulness beautifulness in Ueno Zoo saying we have you stop at mall. Product celebrating birth of panda goods and panda everywhere of mall is already seen, and preparations to accept "beautifulness beautifulness boom" are everything.

 Furthermore, federation of sightseeing in hometown, Ueno prepares for covert plan to heap up town of Ueno more. It is application called "beautifulness beautifulness AR" that federation of sightseeing developed. Panda stands out, and it is said that we warm smartphone over illustration to have you put this illustration in the goods to distribute by event and obtain "beautifulness beautifulness of Ueno". Besides, we make "panda MAP" where it is revealed where in town of Ueno is panda goods by glance, and there is no other idea for preparations.

 Chairperson Tadao Futaki of federation of sightseeing in Ueno that passes more than 50 years, and continues looking at town of Ueno raises town, and "he is related with panda about panda and relations of Ueno. Panda is called something like representative of town, drawing card actor.

 It will be about 1972 45 years ago now that panda came over to Ueno for the first time. Many people gathered to have a look at the lovely figure. "Panda came to Ueno Zoo for the first time, and, as for Futaki, it was when "let's provide panda as symbol of Ueno" when we were only in Ueno Zoo yet. We miss saying "Ueno was said to be Saigo and panda" at the time of Ueno Zoo where panda is.

 In addition, as for the panda, it is said that he/she gave chance solving trouble that Ueno had in those days. If "originally Ueno compares with other areas in town of the history, tradition, culture, Futaki "is old" for imaging. Such a weakness was in Ueno simply because we had history. Therefore we say, we want to give clean, fresh image because there is panda now.

 When beautifulness beauty attracting attention before exhibition heaps up Ueno, from thought "that visit to Japan of panda lighted town of Ueno", Futaki expects. Futaki says, "we want that town is activated with growth of baby panda and to develop". And "having longed for birth of baby. It is the biggest event of this year. After all saying is excited; as for saying is; showed smile.

 The whole town is looking forward to it being another more than ten days until exhibition of beautifulness beautifulness, and "pretty family" being added in town of Ueno.

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