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Art object of Friday, it is noted product of revival Tokyo, Asakusa soon

(area waits - December 13, 2017 18:30)
 It is topic at the outskirts saying that figure of landmark to glisten with familiar gold as spot photographing souvenir picture in Tokyo, Asakusa is not seen.

 The outskirts of Azumabashi that appeared in the Sumida River became perfect place where many tourists took a ceremonial photograph saying that golden art object which got a lot of looks with the Tokyo Skytree was put in photograph. However, art object constructs and cannot see the whole now from the outside.

 Which "we are sad as we went by car well from old days" was asked about which "we do not know why it was in such a condition" by voice such as "it is not revealed at all" from person of town. Will symbol which has been got close to for many years be removed?

 It is Asahi group known for beer production to own this art object. The person in charge who coped in the head office in the neighbor of art object revealed with (Keiichi Imaizumi of the Asahi pro management) in the middle of "painting construction".

 Title of art object is "Fulham Dole", and it is said that "flame of Friday" means in French. We expressed "flame of heart to make rapid progress" and were produced in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of company in 1989. When it is made of approximately 44 meters in length, steel and looks at art object having of 360 tons in weight from place to be able to look down at, it is golden and is brilliant, and it is revealed that it is big at all.

 Art object takes two and a half months from the end of September just to repaint color. The person in charge "12 years passed from the last painting, and color was discolored. We say, we paint in meaning to fix beautiful sight and construct. After having painted with the silver groundwork, work to repaint new gold in enters the final stage, and removal of footing is pushed forward for announcement on 15th. The person in charge "increases to tourist for the Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics. We come to Asakusa by all means and say, we want you to enjoy figure of art object which became beautiful.

 Art object of Friday which is reborn seems to meet more and more tourists in future.

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